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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Miss Profe

Like all forms of hate, this is disgusting.

Howver, as one poster said, over ay freyblog, Face Book is My Space for college students. Funny; I have long thought the same.

The only thing we can do is express our outrage, and let the admins. of Face Book know that this sort of thing will not be tolerated.

Joel Sax

I tried to do a search for bipolar insults at Facebook, but did not succeed.

Lots of people work the two-faced routine. I knew, for example, one black woman who tried to discredit another woman who happened to suffer from bipolar disorder on the grounds that her thoughts could not be trusted. She worked the same routine on a woman who was autistic.

This blogger (MacDiva) has done this number on quite a few people and I was moved to remove her from my regular visitation list.

Yes, hate speech crops up in the most peculiar places.

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