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Tuesday, February 02, 2010


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference On The Lancet's Retraction of Wakefield's 1998 Paper Alleging A Connection Between the MMR Vaccine and Autism:



Hi, Liz--

Here's mine:

Thanks as always for maintaining these lists. They're a great source.

Corina Becker

I did a bit of a piece about responsibility, called the Triggering of Wakefield, if you deem it compatible with the list.

Broken Link

This is a noble idea, Liz, but there are currently 473 google news articles on this topic, found by searching "wakefield retracts". Many are opinion pieces, and almost all of them are pro-retraction.

Here's a cute example:

Liz Ditz

I should have made it clear that I'm tracking blog posts (the blogosphere) rather than the main-stream media sources.

Kristjan Wager

I also wrote something on the issue as well:

I obviously approve

Broken Link

Heather Horn, writing in the Atlantic Wire

has also compiled a list of blog reactions, including one by Arthur Allen in Slate

(or maybe these are too mainstream)

Linda Brodsky, MD

Interesting lists. I hope the right people get the picture. Thanks for tracking these blogs. Wonder if twitter is seeing the reaction, too.


Latest news is that it seems that Wakefield may have resigned from Thoughtful House:

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I have been watching and listening to the media circus following the vilification of Dr. Andrew Wakefield with great interest and sadness. I pray that people will rise above our sound bite world to understand that there is a tremendous amount at stake and we all better be paying careful attention


That:''On The Lancet's Retraction of Wakefield's 1998 Paper Alleging A Connection Between the MMR Vaccine and Autism'' article it's a piece of work let me tell you, and the huge list of blogs help too!!

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