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Sunday, March 07, 2010


Renaissance Clothing

Honestly I have tried Homeopathy and it has worked for my anxiety. I think it is HOKIE but I seem to be more calm, and this is what people tell me.

direct response

These are indeed adult advertisements with some harsh meanings.

Daniel Ferris

Renaissance Clothing

yeah! and a lot of that adult advertisements were banned. =)

Nicholas Ludwig

Tooth fairies actually originated in Europe. In the old practices, when a child's sixth tooth falls out, that's the time the tooth fairy slips a gift or money under the child's pillow. Nowadays, parents still do this for their kids. This encourages kids to not be afraid of going to their dentist. However, parents must avoid spoiling their kids with too much and try to be more realistic. =)

Jenna Schrock

I believe it doesn't matter if it is science or not as long as it entertains our children. Tooth fairies play an important role in suppressing the tension in dental situations. I believe that, as long as it works, then it's fitting enough.

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