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Monday, August 08, 2011


Melissa G

BugGrrl is having the same problem.

Karl Withakay

Some of my friends are so disenchanted w/ Facebook, they are hoping everyone they know jumps ship to Google + so they can drop Facebook altogether. They were annoyed that I didn't want to get on google +, and they still don't really appreciate my position on google +, especially in regards to the name policy.

I have set up an account on google + due to peer pressure from my friends, but if google ever realizes my listed last name is not a real name (I have the slight advantage of a two name online ID, and the last name is not in the dictionary) and suspends my account, I won't be back unless they reverse their policy.

I'm probably not helping the situation by being on google + and hoping they don't figure it out because my account adds to the numbers of subscribers and helps to convince them I am one of the crowd that is OK with their policy.

(Before I knew about how google + worked, one of my goals in setting up an account on g+ was to get on google + with my handle before the other guy out there that uses a similar name does. I discovered the policy after the fact)

My name is me. Very few of my online friends have any idea what my real name is and would never recognize it. I have spent years cultivating my identity and reputation in various online communities.

If google doesn't want my identity on plus, then it won't be there.

I am amazed at how badly google has stumbled out of the block with google plus so far.


Very interesting Post. Bookmarked it.

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