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Saturday, January 25, 2014


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Todd W.

I downloaded the PDF and played with it in Acrobat, searching for the first few words of the quote. Sure enough, the text was there, at least partially. I selected the text and changed the font color to black. While most of the quoted passage has been removed, this still remains: "One thing autistics and parents of autistics agree upon is the desire for ind"

It looks like the rest of the text has, in fact, been removed.

Paula Durbin-Westby

It was there yesterday, and I copied and pasted and saved it with the date. I don't see it now. THAT was fast, for something that took them three years to do, after arguing with the author (Kassi) about their rights to use her material that she did not want them to use.


I've got screenshots on my post- they definitely had the white-text in full on the 24th, but it has since been reverted to the version with it mostly gone, which was used in 2012.

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