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Thursday, March 13, 2014


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My close friends' son suffered a horrendous brain bleed, because he was born with zero platelets. He was transfused with several units of platelets in the NICU. Most of the left hemisphere of his brain is missing and he has a huge porencephalic cyst in its place. He also has a Lennox Gastaux seizure disorder which have caused deterioration of his neurological status.

I do hope that baby Olive will beat the odds and not have any neurological sequelae.

I left a comment about parents who refuse Vitamin K shots for their newborns beneath Dr. Block's excellent article which appeared in February's Pediatric Annals and have saved his article on my laptop.


I wasn't even informed abut this shot. There were some complication during the delivery but I don't remember anyone asking me about it. I think it should be brought to future mothers attention way before and not during the delivery time.


I agree with you Anita, that the issue of Vitamin K shots should be brought to the expectant mother's attention, sometime before her EDC. In fact, IMO, ideally, the pregnant woman's attending health care provider would be providing her with a check list of procedures such as the Vitamin K shot, the birth dose of hepatitis B vaccine and the instillation of ophthalmic antibiotic in the infants eyes, with reliable information about the importance of these infant interventions.

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