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Sunday, March 05, 2017


Liz Ditz

Important article on the pitfalls of tax credit vouchers from the NYT:

"If the Trump administration moves ahead with a $20 billion tax credit voucher plan, it will have to decide how — or whether — to address issues that have arisen with state tax credits."

Liz Ditz

And a cautionary tale on charter schools:

"At a time when charter school advocates are determined to increase the number of such schools in L.A., the story of McFarlane and the Celerity schools offers a case study of the growing difficulty of regulating them. The task of spotting and stamping out risky financial practices in charters largely falls to the school district’s charter schools division, which employs about a dozen people dedicated to monitoring the schools’ fiscal health."

lorraine galante

I don't understand how you can just forget about the special needs children. You say you care about the education of all children and then push aside the special needs child. I have a special needs grandchild and i see how important the program was for him and for all children under IEP's protected under IDEA. I have been a very strong supporter of President Trump and the Republican Congress and i just cannot believe that President Trump would allow these children to be cast aside. EDP and 504 programs are important and instrumental to the future of the child.


I'm not surprised that special needs children are forgotten. My son would have been denied entry into a public school before 1975 just because he could not talk.

And now we have a secretary of education who did not even know the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act was federal law. Oh, and she thought the traditional black colleges were examples of "choice", which were created because people of color were excluded.

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