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Thursday, December 11, 2003



here's more on the dangers from Chirobase. Here's someone to avoid: Laura Lewis--she believes McCarthy's hogwash.

Don't waste your money, folks.

Jeremy Tobias

Listen here buddy, maybe Mccarty cures tmj maybe he don't, but take it from me it's better than getting your teeth ground down by a dentist, whitch is irreverable and these pain killers that hide the pain, before you down play any therapies, with your oppinion, show proof proof proof, money is paper, I spend every last cent with every doctor to get real results, and until you feel my pain bug off, it seems funny all md's I see say get cranial work done, the only other so called help is a tmj dentist and I've been through it and it don't work, so I'll take my chances, Jeremy Tobias


Wow, it's always amazing to me to see someone who knows everything.

There couldn't possibly be more out there, could there?

We already know everything, right?

If you haven't heard of it before, if it sounds odd, if it's not mainstream, it's completely wrong, right?

You don't think that at one point penicillin seems like quackery?

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