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Tuesday, December 02, 2003


Hank Sapoznik

Just stumbled across your amazing treatise on "How to Sing the Blues". Not sure if you meant me when you mentioned the piece being "stolen by people who should know better."
I guess maybe I do know better, but then I also know that I always included memphis Charlene Gray's name in all my purloinings...besides, where would the blues be without the great musicians stealing from each other?


Hank ("Uncle Plunky") Sapoznik

Joe Kesselman

A final version of the musical setting now exists, at the URL I've provided. Please note that it carries both a version of the "whole page" history quoted above and an explicit statement about what can and can't be done with it (and who to talk to for permission to do other things).

Hank, you should have credited Judith by name, not merely by alter ego... and you should have asked first. The problem isn't stealing a copy for yourself (which is arguably fair use) but publishing it (which is not) and failing to credit it properly (which is also not). I really can't blame Judith for having wanted to wrap a guitar string around your neck.

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