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Friday, December 05, 2003



Alert: Another dyslexia/hypnosis quack practitioner:

Dyslexia: This is a condition in which a reader has difficulty recognizing words and numbers in their proper positioning. Suggestions are given that their vision will improve and that once they have learned a word that it will make a lasting impression on them and that the future recall of the word will become much easier as time passes. Further suggestions are given that the unconscious mind will assist him to develop coordination among his eyes, brain and memory, and that there will be a reduction in anxiety about reading and writing processes.
Would you hypnotize a person with a broken leg so that he would limp less? Feh.


I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist and while I would never claim to be able to "cure" dyslexia there ARE many things I can do to help the client help themselves. I do have personal experiece with this, as my son is dyslexic. Beyond that...many of my clients are able to let go of some of the emotional frustrations that go with learning in a different way.


Dawn is correct to point out that anxiety and frustration can get in the way of performance. The original post was about a practitioner who was making inaccurate statements about the cause of hypnosis, and was claiming to be able to effect a "cure" with one 30 minute treatment.

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