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Monday, December 29, 2003



I think Stephen J. Gould might also make your list!


and he will (as well as some others) if I ever get around to editing this post.


well, rather than revise the post, I'll just rattle on here:is an excellently-done page, that lists each questionable creationist assertion with a rebuttal. Go, look,learn.

Camille Sehlmeyer

Hi. I believe in creation just as the bible states in Genesis. I have also very carefully looked at the theory of evolution and found that there wasn't any credible evidence of evolution. The basic of principles of evolution haven't stood the test of new discoveries in astronomy, physics and biochemisty either. I can see the theory of evolution falling by the wayside in my lifetime. Intelligent design would be closer to the evidence found for the origin of all things. I'm not sold on that theory either because its understood methods of "evolution" do not fit the character of the God of the bible. God does not need millions and millions of years to create. The millions of years scenario also includes the idea that species would evolve by intelligent manipulation of their growth and development by the "survival of the fittest". It is out of Gods character to create a human or any other type of living creature through suffering, destruction and death. One might say that He allows suffering and human destruction presently but intelligent design does not take into account the fall of man, which is what led His creation to experience suffering and destruction. Creation is not only the most plausible explaination but it is also the most humane theory of our origin. It also falls in line with many of the current laws of universal science, such as the 2nd law of Thermodynamics.

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