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Tuesday, December 16, 2003


Liz>Joe Kelley Said
What an outrageous and amusing load of rubbish!

This is really a case of self-loathing tree huggers who couldn’t stand the thought of having the image of their prized killer whale being broadcast or photographed dead.

Keiko’s bloated body being dragged by his tail by a backhoe across rocks and land would be an embarrassing picture of failure for the do-gooders who spent $20 million trying to teach the whale that the only proper lifestyle is one of hating humans.

They buried him in secret because they were mortified at their own personal failure, not out of some sort of attempt at whale dignity.

What a curious tribute to the ocean ecosystem that they’ve professed their love and admiration for by burying him on land. In doing so, they’ve denied fish and marine life (both large and small) food that would continue to provide a fertile habitat that would give life to other wild Orcas.

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