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Sunday, December 07, 2003



Forbes magazine says sales are slowing, but doesn't mention consumer outrage.


Snopes has a pretty complete rundown on the whole thing.

Sally Dickweed

I don't believe that Abercrombie and Fitch has ruined my life. I wear their clothing and I still attend church, and I am a virgin and all my friends are virgins. I am number six in my class. Viewing naked bottoms and groups sex has not 'ruined' me or 'tanted' me. I believe that people will dress like whores and hear-and see sex on tv and in magazines even if abercrombie and fitch dies. So fuck you.

<3 ME!


Sally, you're number six in your class in what exactly? You see, in your self-promotional spew you neglected to mention that detail, so I'm thinking you can't mean intelligence - not as long as that's indicated by logical coherence, at any rate.

Perhaps you're the sixth ugliest? The sixth most obnoxious and annoying? The sixth most self-righteous? Because any of those things could explain why you're a virgin (I mean, in addition to your obvious purity and wholesomeness, of course) - maybe NOBODY IS INTERESTED in your wanna-be-a-skank self.

By the way? Sally? This thing that I'm doing to you? It's called taunting. T-A-U-N-T-I-N-G. And now, Sally? This thing that happened to you that made you look stupid? As you sputter and fume? You've been tainted by ridicule. T-A-I-N-T-E-D.

What a dickweed!


I wear abercrombie spairingly (or however you spell it) I under stand where you guys are going with naked part, like i know infront of the store there are the guys with REALLY low pants or their in underwear, or the girls in the bikinis, I just think that just because you wear abercrombie your not more likley to go out and have sex or be a stupid dumb person, lol. I'm 13 and i havent had sex or even thought about it, and so have my friends. clothes are not everything.


Whether or not you want to believe it, soft porn and the images the media sends out does have an affect on the mind. The only people i know that think Abercrombie is ok to look at are people who don't appreciate the gift of a working body. If a person lived a lifestyle where all they saw were wholesome things, they would be extremely offended to see something like that. Those images DO distort the mind. Maybe not by wearing some of the more appropriate clothing, but when i see mannequins with their pants falling off and more cleavage than a vegas showgirl, i am disgusted. I see these things everyday around me and i don't appreciate the disgusting way that ANY of these shops are portraying young adults. I am only 18 and i have more of a head on my shoulders than most girls or boys my age. I would just wish that some day, these companies will realize what they are doing. I think they know, and they know they can get money from selling sex, not clothing. Money is truly the root of all evil.


Hey guys, and girls whats up. I am a black male and wear abercrombie and fitch. There isnt too much you can say about that because I have heard it all before, white boy, sell out, wanna be and so on.... but its kind of strange that the clothes are the reasons as to why they call me that. Is it just stupidity, or is it they are mad because I dont follow steriotype? OR could it be they are upset that they cant afford to spend money on what they like? I dont follow what everyone think certain cutures should behave, I am an young adult and make my own decisions. I have been researching AF for a while now, and it seems the message isnt soft porn as much as it is seclution of other races. All I say just include other races, other clothes that apeal to others, and everything would be fine. Other than that, if you have a problem with the business, go elsewhere,. Your not forced to wear it, ya know? Thanks for the minute you all, make your own choices and decisions. Peace


Wow you guys are all idots. Why the hell do you have to try and make everyone like yourselves, if you dont like the adds dont watch them. We were all born naked anyway, oh my god they are showing skin

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