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Thursday, December 11, 2003



Interesting. And relevant. I ended up here after Googling for "blog, headcovering." I'm interested in other women's takes on the practice, too. (I began covering a week ago.)

I find this particular testimony a bit disturbing. I understand her reasons for choosing to cover, but it seems more like she felt "pressured" to do it, than because she felt led to. I can't say whether this is right or wrong, because I'm still learning, and even now, I believe it's an individual experience. This instance is 180 degrees from my personal experience.

Thanks for broaching the topic.


enjoyed your site-karen


I also cover almost all the time. It's a personal conviction and not anything my church teaches. They leave me alone as long as I don't push it on them (which I don't).

A lot of times I'll wear just a small one, but I wear *something* all the time.


headwear by women could go back to the near beginning of time. here are a couple of (Free) sites with photos of the same. i respect all people and all Reigeons every where.
i Pray you will see my point of view.


I was happy to find your post as I have been covering about a year, although now all the time. The Lord has dwelt with me very heavey about covering. In my searches, I and I am sure you have noticed how many women are starting to cover as the Lord deals with them. I believe we are seeing the Lord doing a mighty restoring to the church in this process. I am the only one in my area that covers and I get a lot of strange looks. But I just tell myself I am obeying MY Father. We are going to be treated different for this witness, because it is condeming the world of their actions. Praise God for your obeadiance and be strong


Wow, I came to this site for an autism article and found some covered sisters here. I see how long this thread has been running, so I decided to chime in. I started covering 5 years ago in obedience to 1Cor. 11, The Lord showed my friend Jenny and myself this when we first got saved 12 years ago; and coming from Long Island no one, and I mean no one covers their heads. So we were lauged at when we brought it up. Eventually someone put a small round doily looking covering in my hands with barbie pins and I felt compelled to put it on my head. My husband agreed. We are told we are legalists, but honestly I cannot receive this because Paul always preached against legalism so that does not make sense to me. The Wuest translation of those Scriptures is the best translation I have seen so far to back up the tradition.

I do not think I am better than anyone because I do this. If anything it is quite a humbling experience. I stand now that no man can say a thing to me to get me to take it off. When I saw women wearing it to their god, I was convicted in my heart that My Lord Jesus was worthy of my obedience to His Word and that was that. I do not ever tell anyone they have to wear it. I do not regret it; but I see women struggling with these Scriptures, and my advice to them is to pray with their whole heart and do what the Lord tells them to do.

Sarah Elliott

Yes yes Yes!!

I am constantly amazed by the way in which God is working upon the hearts and minds of women worldwide to reclaim the headcovering as per 1 Cor 11. Though strongly impressed by this passage of scripture over many years, I finally took the plunge on the day of my baptism (7 Apr 2001). The walk has not always been easy, I've encountered oposition and even outright hostility within the assembly for my quiet observance (persons shouting at me and even reaching for said cover to remove it by force from my head) but God has stood me in quiet strength to keep on keeping on. By His grace, I was led three and a half years ago to a new city, a new denomination a new congregation and my ever patient, beloved husband. As are many, I am alone in covering within my congregation though folk accept my personal decision to cover and have even been used by God to streamline my covered walk (suggesting style and manner that is not so 'confronting' as I live in a Muslim neighbourhood, so square scarves and underscarves that cover everything have been replaced by lace mantillas and buncovers. I've never had the question of legalism raised in my congregation. For those concerned that we coverers may be unwittingly falling into this trap on account of this observance, legalism is defined by actions undertaken to gain salvation. obedience to conscience (holy spirit etc) encompasses observances undertaken as a result of an outpouring because we have, all of us, covered and uncovered, been saved by the precious blood of the Lamb. On the point of 'holier than thou' syndrome, I, and many others find our observance is a quiet constant reminder that we are expressly prohibited from judging others in their walk with god or falling into the 'comparison' trap. God is the only judge. As a woman, to me, the whole 1 Cor sense I receive is not one of opression and second-best, but power and elivation, not above anyone else (God forbid!) but as a woman in God's sight.

I am presently studying theology at a leading Christian university here in Sydney and am not alone as a coverer. passionate, empowered, intellegent young girls and women (though at 38, I feel positively ancient among them) are reclaiming this symbol one by one, out of quiet conviction not compulsion. Many cover in church and a small number cover all the time (or at least in prayer, (private and corporate), bible study and on campus). I am moving back into full time covering as to me, there are tangible links between 1 Cor 11 and 1 Thes 5: 16-18.

The decision to cover I have noticed, with we who come from denominations where it is not commonplace, if at all, is a deeply personal and intimate decision between the woman and God. Churches and husbands or o fathers do not pressure; on the contrary, they are often surprised and take a while (in God's grace) to come around. I am blessed that my husband is supportive though he is not an active Christian.

In closing, another way to understand the motivation to cover can be summed up in the Catholic concept of this being a 'sacrimental' practice. Though it is not essential for salvation, it, as with many other biblical precepts, is taken up by women re their conscience and study of scripture and how this impacts upon the decision they make. This approach encompasses the understanding that some will be called to take up this practice whilst others may well not.

Additionally, God speaks to everyone where they are at, never leading someone further than they are ready or able to go.

May everyone be utterly and wonderfully blessed upon this amazing path we tread in the footsteps of our Saviour Jesus Christ.


Sydney, Australia.


Thanks for sharing your story. God recently stirred in my heart to headcover. My husband wasn't thrilled but seems to be accepting it graciously. I am thankful.

You can read about my journey to modesty & headcovering at:

miss mary

I have just started covering my head. I felt convicted to find out about this and did research and prayed about it .It was to interesting to let go and I knew God wanted me to know the truth. He was leading me to be curious about this topic and I know that was my conviction. I have only recently covered , but I feel naked without it. I wear it in public, christian gatherings, and at home when my husband is home. If I'm alone I will take it off now and again.
Love your site. Have a blessed day


I have been covering since January this year and it is such a blessing. My partner supports me and now am going on to waer plain dress. I beleive Iam the only woman in Camperdown Victoria . At first I was very self consceice but shortly it dissapeared


It's so good to know that there are others out there who do cover their heads. Unfortunately it seems from most of the testimonies I have read that everyone encounters some sort of persecution from others.

Because I'm only fourteen, often people seem to think that I'm being pressured to cover my head by my parents - quite the opposite is true. Whilst they are certainly not opposed to me wearing a covering, and they say the much prefer me dressing modestly to me dressing like other teenagers, neither of them believe the validity of the Christian headcovering in Corinthians as strongly as I do.

My testimony on headcovering is fairly short and simple. Around the middle of last year, one of my aunts lent be a novel about an Amish community. After reading several other novels about the Amish, I became curious as to why all the girls in the books wore a 'kapp'. After some research, I found a refernce to 1 Corinthians 11. I had my pocket NIV on hand, and I also looked it up in a NKJV, as my father had recently been saying that the NKJV was more a more accurate translation that the NIV. I felt the Lord speaking to me strongly about this verse - I had read it before, but only briefly with my family who quickly dismissed the idea as being the 'hair' was the covering. Once I had read the verse for myself, I could see no way around what seemed obvious - that Christian girls should cover their head.

After I began wearing a hurriedly-made bonnet-style covering (remember at this stage my only exposure to different style of coverings were the pictures on the front of Amish novels), I decided to do some internet research on headcoverings. This was when I found out that 'modest' or 'plain' dress usually went hand-in-hand with headcovering.

The strange thing was, as I quickly realised, I already dress modestly, and had been doing so since the age of eight or so. I've always seemed to have an inclination towards long skirts - since I was about ten I've made my own skirts that reach to the ankle. I find these more comfortable and easy to wear than pants or shorter skirts. However, I've got to wonder whether it wasn't God leading me to dress this way.

At first I was very self-conscious going out with a headcovering, but the truth is NO-ONE ACTUALLY NOTICES!! I've had a few questions, to be sure, but not as many as I thought I would get, and not as many strange looks either. I still feel a bit nervous when going out in public, but I think now I would feel even more nervous going out without a headcovering!

God bless you all,

From Rachel,
Adelaide, Australia


In which churches can you find women practicing
head coverings?


In Melbourne Australia, I mean.


I found out that I wanted to cover my head, all the time I read 1.Cor. But as almost all christians and churches say, it has to be understood this or that was I left it. Ten yrs ago I covered my head. Then I moved, went into another church and they really loved Jesus and prayed much more than I did. And they told me how I must understand these verses....And after some years we found out we sat in a christian cult. happened and suddenly I "stood" before Jesus, He showed me (in my prayer) that I will stand before him all alone. And what if I did some things not, just because the pastor told me. What if I should not have done things I´m deeply convicted of.
We all have to search the Lord and his will without asking others or read christian books,like the beroan christian did. They looked into the holy book. So I started some things I am convinced of, not talking or struggling for, just do it by myself. And I cover my head. There are pretty ways to do so, not looking like 100 yrs before.
Yesterday there were 3 persons, incl my husband, who finghted against me with a "friendly" way, but somehow so unfriendly, and I was hurt...driving home I felt that Jesus showed me his verses from his bible by his spirit and his lonlyness on the cross. And it made me write a song. AND forgive my bros. That´s my Jesus.



I have been covering for 22 years now


I have been covering for nearly a year. I'm thirteen. I will pray for you all, dear Sisters, for strength and wisdom.

May our Yahweh bless your day

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