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Wednesday, December 31, 2003


Fredrich Ulrich

Why can't we discuss killing Jesus, or killing Moses, or killing Mohammed? The old Zen koan of "If you meet Buddha on the raod, kill him." reveals the self-transcendent nature of Buddhism. Thoe goals of the other religions, as I understand, is not to get to the place where you don't need them anymore. I see many Christians practicing Buddhism and quoting this koan as if they are saying something profouondly original, but they would never say it about their own tradtitions' founder. If Zen had developed in one of the other religious traditions, that is just what they would have said too. Why don't we feel free to say about other religious founders what we feel free to say about Buddhism? Why should the word "Buddhist" be used for organized religion in general?
Rev. Fredrich Ulrich, Manitobe Buddhist Church

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