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Friday, December 26, 2003


Rebecca Powers

I am a step parent of a 9 year old boy and my husbnad has residentail custody. We have been together for 5 years and married for 3 this June.
The birth mother is married to .....of let's say a man who has a profound lack of sophistication and is prone to drinking, fighting, and frightening women and samll children.
I was born into Stregheria and trace my line back 700 years. I was taught "the old ways" by my grandmother and the other women in oue family.
My husband first learned of this from me but it resonated with him and he converted. We agreed to raise Eric in the old ways.
Recently when my son came home crying because the birth mother's husband scares him my husband called her and stated that Eric would not be able to visit as long as the man was present as he posed a threat to the child.
She, her husband, her father and mother (the grandparents)now are attacking my husband , my daughter and her husband , my mother and father that live with us as is our tradition to keep extended family in ine group as long as space permits comfortably.The thrust of thier "attack" is that we are not Christian.
The law in Kansas states cleraly that the primary CUSTODIAL parent chooses the faith of the child.
Now they are using our non-Christian status to threaten us with a law suit we really can't afford.
My husband and I have to meet with these people Thursday to "discuss" the issues. The grandfather ( the birth mother's father) is in the Kansas Educators Hall of Fame and was on the School Board in Ft. Scott , Kansas for many years. He is the one who will be writing the checks for the threatened law suit if they proceed.
I asked this man if he would like a reading list to be more comfortable with our faith as he is a "born again Christian" and has admitted knowing nothing about our faith or others like it. He declined and stated that he really didn't want to know.
I need advice and help in dealing with these people as I have little expierience.
Can yaou please advise me??/


lets not throw the dead baby out with the bath water,ther lots of harmless wiccans,ther are however highly organised
death cults that have pagan roots because you are not that ,does not mean that is not
many of them can be found in the "christian right" in a attempt to remain hidden,we do not need to fear pegan groups that stand in the light a say the are pegan but those that hide it in the shadows are another story


Has anyone seen this article? It is extremely disturbing to me that not only the general public but even law enforcement officers are so ignorant when it comes to pagan practices, even to the point of arresting a Wiccan woman here in Florida for carrying a.........sage stick!!!

From today's Orlando Sentinel,0,6672041.story

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