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Thursday, December 25, 2003



Which means, ultimately, that you took that vow and you took it seriously.

Far too many people don't.


I am now a little embarassed by the openness of the post, so I thought I would dilute it by...listing some other places that speak of the smell of salt. You decide.
Cannery Row, Pacific Grove this is about a place, and some novels, that I love. Meet you there)

A long, evocative poem. One stanza

I know it now, remembering now the calm;
Remembering now the lowering care that lifted
From a face turned to the wind off Ragged Head.

Interviews with men who had survived the battle of midway

Yes, the smell of blood and the smell of salt water and scrubbed teakwood under those circumstances remains in ones memory along with the reverence one feels for the wife who remained ashore at home, around the earth away,

A porcupine, Needles.

So you see, my confessional, it is not the only way to approach the smell of salt.


It's a scent I don't come across too often, mostly because I'm about as inland as it's possible to be in these United States, and if I get to the coast at all, it's for one or two days a year.

Still, there are memories, and smells are as vivid as any other kind. Maybe more so.

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