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Wednesday, December 24, 2003


Libby Meyer

I love your entry and completely understand about wanting to have your chest wrapped up so no flopping occurs...'back in the day', there was a quiz in 'Glamour' magazine about whether you could go bra-less or not based on placing a pencil under your breast, if the pencil dropped you were flat-chested enough to go bra-less... (mine dropped)...I sometimes long for those pencil dropping days!


Amen! Gah, how I wish I had no boobs. Having kids does nasty things to them. The worst, though, is when women don't realize that big, fat, floppy boobs aren't in the same league with, say, big, firm, boob-job boobs and make every effort to show them off. No, ladies - veined, stretch-marked soft boobs, even if they are shoved into a Wonder Bra, isn't a nice sight. I know this, and you should, too.

Sorry 'bout hijacking these comments like this. I just have really, really strong feelings about bad boobs, coupled with a bitterness that I am now the proud owner of said bad boobs. Happy Holidays! :^)


Big firm boob-job boobs, especially on women over 40, are equally loathsome.

I like the scene from 1st Wives' Club where Goldie's tatas are elevated.


But I must do it. Oy. I wish I could just strap 'em down like Indian women do. Lifting and separating is just not a priority in my life at this time. Offering them up like two globes. HERE. Argh. I do remember the days, pre-children, when they were tantilizingly round and pert. But let's not dwell on that. If they want to look at the ground, that's their prerogative.


I don't know how I found this link, but how do you think I feel, looking at blobs of fatty tissue (woman's ass on her chest) and feeling aroused, then to see her insulting eyes roll back -I got you, you worm you looked there. The ultimate insult to my existance, if only there was a pill. My life should not be driven by such meaningless activities as feeding and mating, the unpitying evolutionary god. If only I could find a women who read a newspaper, or an interesting book.

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