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Monday, December 29, 2003


Punch Buggy

Fred Phelps (I can't honestly call him Rev.) picketed the national convention of the United Church of Christ ( in 2001 when it was held in Kansas City. I had heard of him previously, but never had I seen such hatred and misrepresentation of homosexuality and Biblical interpretation. We who were in attendance were asked not to attempt to talk or otherwise interfere with Phelps and his cohorts, because they interpret any kind of physical contact as an assault and sue the individuals in court. They then use their winnings to fund their hate operations.

The UCC youth counterprotested Phelp's movement by drawing on the sidewalks after Phelp's people had departed. When Phelps returned the next day, he and the others had to stand on statements such as "Jesus loves us all" and quotations from scripture such as John 3:16.

We're a liberal bunch, and so we've spoken out against him in our individual churches, but I think the fear is that an organized resistance will give him even more press and attention than he rightly deserves (which is none). Thanks for pointing out what he's up to, though. : )


Thanks punchbuggy for the clarification. But I still don't understand why the Boise churches didn't speak up. Maybe they did from the pulpit, but that is not the same as publicly renouncing this guy.


A parable about the wrongness of Fred.

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