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Friday, January 30, 2004


laurence k white

i was injured in walmart 5/29/02 by a stack of falling lawn mowers.i was flat on my back for 6 weeks. tried to deal with walmart myself and recieved insult to my injury. i have been disabled for over a year now and my coworkers tell me i was never the same after my shopping at walmart.i am almost out of time to file and from what i've read i should just get on with my life -------------

Sherri Hart

Thats so crazy, this is the first time ive heard anything about other people being injured at a Walmart.
I worked with a lady, who had tripped over some kind of hose in the garden deparment. She took a bad fall, and hit her head really hard. Shortly after, she started to get massive migranes daily. She was in the stages of trying to sue the Walmart in our city.
A year or so later she passed away at her home from a brain anerism.Which was linked to her head trauma at Walmart.

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