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Thursday, January 15, 2004


Alexis Alia

My names Alexis Alia and i work at Abercrombie and Fitch in Redmond Washington and personally would like to coment on all the hate remarks on Abercrombie. First of all if you dont understand Abercrombie then dont judge it or diss on it, second of all if your upest with the catalog issues then dont buy it or promote against it. It's not like its porn or hustler material, its just hte beauty of attractive looking people modeling. So i think its time to stop all the Abercrombie remarks and hate mail.


My dear Alexis Alia,

What of my remarks were "hate remarks?"

I understand A&F very well: the firm's desire is to maximize returns to shareholders. Corporate culture (read the interviews with the spokesperson and CEO) is such that no marketing ploy is ethically forbidden. Remember the Chinese laundry t-shirts? A company equipped with an ethical corporate culture wouldn't have manufactured those shirts. Remember the thongs for second grade girls? Why would a company want to market sexually suggestive clothing to second grade girls? To increase profits.

I therefore can "judge" and "diss" A&F--adult language would say criticize--for their ethically suspect marketing practices.


I used to be a manager for A&F and while I think many of the company's practices are shallow and insensitive that does not make them illegal. You say that Abercrombie's marketing practices are "ethically suspect" but that is irrelevant because that is simply your opinion. Unless you are a major shareholder in the company they have no obligation to be sensitive to your, or anyone else's, feelings or beliefs. Even though Abercrombie's "company mission" may be immoral and disagreeable it is their right to run their business, legally, any way they see fit regardless of the number of people who get their feelings hurt.


Sean, I wonder where you got the idea that I thought A&F was engaging in illegal practices?

You are correct--A&F has a duty to maximize shareholder value. Likewise, this is my space to say what I want--it is not a company I will do business with. And I will complain about any company that markets slutwear to preteens.

There is a point at which they must be sensitive to my feelings and beliefs--when I have to look at their advertising as I walk through shopping centers in which they are located.

the jackal

i love A&F clothing. i only wish i could have gone to camp like the ones in their ads and pictures. those young people are having SO much fun!! they're young- let them do what they want- and they will learn from their experiences. that's the way it goes. i don't however, expect ANY old person to agree with me. their ways are different; they're stubborn and complain about the ever-rapidly changing world.


I recently visited the main headquarters of A&F in Columbus, Ohio, and found that 90% of it's internal employees that I saw and met with that day were caucasian, and fit the mold to some degree, which needs to be questioned.
When it comes to image and marketing though, I believe in free speech and expression. I have no problem with Bruce Weber's erotically charged depictions of american youth culture for the company. Art/design never have to be politically correct.
However, if you look at the actual product minus the imagery and hot sales-people, it's not anything you can't get at Target or Old-Navy. I think people should be more offended that they are charging way too much for what the product really is: the same old crap every season that is sewn by underpaid asian factory workers in overseaws sweatshops.
The challenge should be targeted to young consumers, who need to battle against old ideals, and need to show corporations like A&F, that they are more than mindless, insecure people who are willing to spend money on crap,in hopes of fitting an 'anglo-sexy' mold.


Hi anon--offended by charging too much? Nah, that's fashion. You don't have to buy it, after all.

I was more saddened by "jackal's" comment--he seemed to believe that the scenes depicted in the ads represented places that once actually existed, that he missed out on some cool ideal camp for hot teens. Sigh. no.


A&F: Ethically and Ethnically Suspect.


The thing i dont get about all this is that A&F isnt the only company that sells shirts like that.You could go to walmart and get a shirt thats similar to that.I just dont get what the big deal is!


What is the argument here people? Look A&F is in no way wrong to market a so-callled suggestive look to people, because that's what it is, marketing, and if pople would wake up and realize that it's the 21st century and that most 2 year olds now waht a boob is what is wrong with a kid seeing an A&F add. Personally this reminds me of the case against the Dallas school tacher who took her student to an art museum that had naked statues and parents get all mad about it. It's this stupid modern pro-censorship society that makes what was the beauty of the human body so dirty, and frankly it dosn't have to be. Homosexuality used to be honored by the Greeks, now it is the target of Homophobia, the great rennaissance artists all did naked portraits and statues, ex. Michaelangelo's David! So when will society grow up and learn that the issue with A&F is really not an issue? So get over it, o yea two Wongs make it white, that sounds like a cute add for a laundromat or a dry cleaners, just so happens that the name wong is asian-esque, no reason to get mad. And frankly I'm dissappointed at A&F for not standig it's ground in this debate. And honestly if you don't like what I say my email is and you can try and make me more conservative.


Markose, I would just like to address your comment on the asian tee shirts. Your argument is trite, ignorant, shallow, and frankly reeks of a little racism. Firstly, those tee shirts not only depicted "cute" or harmless little slogans, but caricatures of asisn men with slanted eyes wearing rice-paddy hats. Some of the other tee shirts featured the slogan "Abercrombie and Fitch Buddha Bash -Get Your Buddha on the Floor". The the cartoons,along with the refrence to "wong" are both offensive and racist because they trivialize and stereotype an entire race of people to facial features, and cultural homoginization, not to mention the disparaging liberties they took in refrence to an enitre religion. What would be your reaction to a tee shirt that featured a picture of an intoxicated Jesus being depicted as a cartoon with a slogan like: bread and wine? its party time!(i'm not a tee shirt manufacturer...but for arguments sake) or if a the shirt featured someone in black-face selling fried chicken?


first of all I work at A&F in Michigan and in no way does Abercrombie/hollister/ other divisions of the company market in commercials/billboards (unless new store opening) Radio or in any other ways. The clothes sell themselves. Our material is higher quality then Target or Old navy as someone said. Abercrombie is not for everyone its a lifestyle and saddly alot of kids who dont live the lifestyle buy the clothes to fit in, and as for them hiring us good looking caucasions. If you havent noticed A&F is targeted for College/ Ivy league, sad to say but not many minoritys are walking around Harvard right now.


Joy Simmons

Your poor attempt to justifiy racism makes you sound like a self-absorbed halfwit, who writes like a high school kid. What exactly do you mean it's a life style? Only people that are living the "lifestyle" should be able to wear A&F clothes? I don't think the people ahead of the corporation care if say- your grandmother slipped on a cute litte A&F shirt, so long as she paid the forty bucks for it. But O the Horror! She doesn't fit the mold! Come on dude, it's only clothing, get a life! If this is the type of attitude A&F promotes, my good looking cacausion ass feels inclined not to shop there any more.

Abecrombie Clothes

I like A & F clothing, but I don't really endorse their beliefs, if I can put it like that. I try not to think of that.

Rob Johnson

Racist, define racism. We live in a world where political correctness is up the wazoo. Anything could be considered offensive, which is ridiculous. And in regards to the teens, you said naked. They're half naked, if they were completely, it would be a different story. Every company has its own way of marketing. Hell, Armani Exchange has men in underwear, do you find that offensive? It's simple enough, if you don't like it, don't shop there. But please, don't write bitchy letters.

who cares

You are all missing the point. A&F can put whatever they want in their catalouge. The parents should be better parents and not let their kids see it. The true reson A&F are evil is because of where their clothes are made. look it up. It ain't pretty.

BrIaN :P™

TO ALL WHO POSTED COMMENTS: A&F is NOT a lifestyle, and I feel sorry for those who sadly think so. People need to chill out, its just a store and there is more to worry about than their very attractive half naked models and their "offensive T-shirts." My school is basically A&F or Hollister, almost EVERYONE wears it. Many are begining to realize that it's just clothes too. And I'm pretty sure that it is very low quality clothing made in harmful offshore sweatshops. By the way, A&F have many sweatshops that children in other countries are forced to work in. They're forced to work long hours with very little pay, are beaten if they somehow mess up, cannot go to school without being fired,and can be exposed to harmful chemicals! (Look it up if you don't believe me) Also, the brightly colored dye that's used for the shirts end up being dumped in rivers and lakes. Me, understanding that that's the area's own choice, it's still affecting everyone. That's something to worry about folks. TO ALL: give up the "Homosexual" thing, if they're offended, they CAN speak up regardless of what all you "macho A&F employees" have to say about it. And if you really dont like A&F, just ignore it! And to all the children who commented, please leave all potty words out. We respect you're political opinion even if you don't know what you're talking about.

cHiLl OuT yAl,
BrIaN :P

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Thanks for pulling this together and sharing!

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