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Friday, January 09, 2004



Lets take a step out of the box for a second. First, playing with fire, yes can be dangerous. Now that thats out in the open... If used in the proper manner, you are safe to ear candle... just like siting around a camp fire.. if you act like an idiot around a camp fire you could be burned. As far as natural, Tell me what is so natural about the way a Dr. cuts a small incision in the ear drum and drains fluids and then proceeds to place a tube in the ear. I am not saying that ear candles can fix that issue, just trying to find the natural part in that. How long has that been going on? Ear candling has been around for thousands of years. What does that tell you? Now with people sticking candles in their rectums, that is just plain ignorant. Honestly I could go on and on about this. I will list a couple of links for you to find out yourself the truth and benefits ear candling has, when done correctly.

Ear Ringing Cause

Actually this is the first time i heard about ear candling and it really sounds weird though. However, if this method will be approve by the medical professionals maybe it can be a very decisive idea before it can be fully accepted considering that this method had been discovered for years before.

Jennifer Coney

There have been too much misconception about ear candles. I love ear candles they are gently and soothing.

Ear Candles are a natural and holistic modality that has been used from generation to generation. They are safe and relaxing. The FDA is and has been interfering into natural, alternative methods used for centuries with no major issues.

Help us protect our Rights to choose our Natural Health Choices. Stop the FDA Ban of Ear Candles:

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