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Saturday, January 10, 2004


Moritz Lightman

Warmest Greetings,

I thoroughly enjoyed your post immensely, these are issues I fully agree with and others I don't.

I have studied and taught much on the mind over 40+ years and quite honestly, have not found all that much that truthfully works. However the field of brain entrainment is not one of them.

I feel that exploring binaural or even better isochronic beats is a most worthwhile endeavour, and can offer speedy safe, results if executed correctly. Its validity is well documented in overwhelming independant scientific research.

However there are plumbers and there are plumbers. A few really excellent, the majority mediocre or poor. For your just-fixed but stiil seriously leaky trough are you really willing to judge plumbing as an industry as invalid?

Until now I have never even heard of any organization claiming to cure ADD, autism or dyslexia, and indeed not with music. Are you sure you've got that right? The brain only follows specific pronounced beats at a specific frequency enduring for at least 5 minutes. Music just won't cut the mustard. In fact we ouselves deliberately avoid music and white or pink noise masking undertones for their 'pollutant' effect.

And those willing to forgo $7000 for these treatments clearly need to take some personal responsibility for not undergoing due diligence. A myraid of said soundtracks can be purchased all over the net and elsewher for less than $30.

It's still an experimental field and again not all beats are equally effective, but like wine, I'm certain this will improve in time. But c'mon, to suggest this is child abuse is really drawing a long bow. You can gain some level of in-depth information here: as well as various other sites on the web.

But anyhow, you have an extremely interesting topic here and I feel privileged that you let me share this with you.

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