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Saturday, January 24, 2004



editor: Freeman pointed out that I made an incorrect assumption, which I have corrected in the post above


You say that IBS Gifts sale of native american products is "blatant pandering" and some kind of affront to native americans. They are selling native american crafts that they purchased from native americans. How is this pandering? This actually helps native americans. You are a fool. You blast others, without thought, for what they do without knowing what is really happening. One of the owners of IBS Gifts is part native american. WWW.DREAMCATCHERSPLUS.COM sells many AUTHENTIC products. They also sell some reproductions because these are cheaper and some people cannot afford the authentic items. This does not make them 'evil' anti-native american, either the seller or the buyer. It allows everyone to enjoy native american lore and crafts, even if some are reproductions. I am sure you have reproductions of something or some product in your office or home. Everyone does. If you have any copier other than a Xerox, it is a form of reproduction, or a box of tissue other than Kleenex. Yes, it is the same principle. If you don't think so, that is about you. The IBS Gifts website, sells authentic native american crafts and products as well as reproductions so everyone can enjoy them and it is not your place to dis the type of product that others might want or be able to afford.


The fine print on the website is required by the us government. It is not something that anyone is trying to hide...everything is very obvious on the website.

It is you who are paranoid and racist. Remember, one of the owners of the site is part native american and they have no problem with the items they sell.

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