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Friday, January 23, 2004



Hello! Thanks for taking the time to post on mine. I have been giving her a bottle to do what ever she wants with it. And she has been sipping at it here and there. She drank 6 oz in 2 days! So I've been playing the part like I don't care if she drinks it or not and it seems to help. I'm still breastfeeding her all the time though! But I'm hoping she warms up to the bottle. Will just help me out a lot because I feel like I'm always feeding her and I have tons of things to do! She is silly, and still likes to look around when I try to feed her. I give her juice in a cup and she has to be in the mood for that. She just turned 8 months today so hopefully she will get the hang of it by a year old. Thanks again! :)

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