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Thursday, January 15, 2004


Kaley Oldani

i was the eldest student involved in this situation. all i have to say is this has hurt my family very much and has caused us much pain. the lawsuit has not been won yet, justice has not been served.

Anita Willand

I am very sorry for what has happened and my deepest sympathy to you and your family. See, our four children have recently been removed (expelled) from school. I wrote a letter to parents concerning them with issues that involved the inadequate decipline of the leadership team of the school. Our daughter was victim and we were never notified. These concerns would never have been kept quite at a public school.

Sam Personti

edited to remove identifying information -- feel free to email the commenter if you want more information.

This is going on at a preschool in N. Hollywood with an emotionally abusive DIRECTOR. there are so many individual parent complaints but everyone is afraid of ehr and getting together in fear of being kicked out. It is sickening that the CHURCH would rather protect an anger-filled woman, than the precious children she yells at. Be careful of who you trust at school. Do unexpected visits. Keep an eye on your children. At LHECEC there is so much being kept quiet, it's tragic. We tried and we were kicked out. My support goes to any family who tries to stop the abuse. To remain silent should be a crime as well.


he is so much like you

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