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Monday, January 12, 2004


Merrill D. Bowan, O.D.

Since you have quoted freely from the AAP/AAO/AAPOS position paper on "Learning Disabilities and Learning: a Subject Review," you may, in fair-mindedness, wish to additionally quote from a peer-reviewed, published critical paper that I authored showing the severe academic dishonesty that was used in the compilation of the Medical position paper and its two predecessors. (Their "subject review" has 24 very poorly chosen references, mine cites 329.) More importantly, there have been two previous rebuttals to the medical position papers and have been ignored, as I pointedly mention in my paper. This hardly demonstrates public accountability. This is hubris of malignant proportions.

My paper is here:,%20Dyslexia%20and%20Vision,%20by%20Merrill%20Bowan,%20O.D..pdf

Or, here:

There is a problem here and it's not optometry's.


Zain A. Hakeem, DO

as a pediatrician, I can say that Pediatrics as a field has problems generating scientific data on any subject (no one wants to "experiment on children", so the entire field remains in ignorance). Hence the careful wording of the position paper: "No evidence supports ....", not "There is evidence disproving the claim ....".
The journal Pediatrics, and the AAP as a whole, fall far short of an academic ideal.

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