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Saturday, January 17, 2004



Ah yes, the retreat of Parenting as we "knew" it. When there is one parent in the house, both boys and girls suffer, something sociologists are beginning to grasp. All they have to do is to interview single parents and for those who are concerened about their kids, the greatest need is not a husband or wife, it is role models for their kids that will help them make the choices in adult life that are full of character and morals.

"Manly virtues" are those that are selfless, sacrificing, and perhaps protective. A Real Man wouldn't disrespect a woman or force her to do something he alone wants. I do have to say, that though religion and faith play a part in what a man is today (as opposed to one whose life does not include faith and a life that reflects it) largely most men fall into the extreme catagories that Terrence Moore describes as "Wimps" and "Barbarians." It is sad to hear women lament at what is left of men nowadays.

I see that you wrote about this three months before I did! Congratulations on a great post.


Well you miss the point here.
How are the hell do you assume women are natural judges of a man's character.
What kind of idiot can say that?
Now, will you say the same is true the other way around?
You probably would not. You are nothing but a bunch of worthless hypocrites.
If you ask the young men of today how the young women are you will be devastated to know what kind of rubbish these young men come across.
And by the way in an independent survey which i must admit i am not sure who made the research, the findings were that it was women who lied much much more than young men .
Get the point
You bloody people want to help boys . But whose word do you take, the worthless females they have to content with. They are the main source of their suffering in the first place.
The boys who grow up into delinquents are invariably from single parent households always headed by the 'always interested in the welfare of child' mother. Also ,boys get disconnected from school because the majority of the teachers are females who fail to deal with their boundless energy and treat them bad. Any young boy if asked will say that it is girls who are favoured over them. These young boys ,by the way, are not as morally corrupt as those worthless young women whose words you take as bible. You and your louts should listen to the boys to get to know their problems. But seriously do you really want to help the boys, you fucking bigots ? Or are you plain stupid ?

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