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Thursday, March 11, 2004


Beaten child out of coma, 'responsive' By S.A. Miller, THE WASHINGTON TIMES

BALTIMORE - The 12-year-old girl beaten to near death by a group of children at a birthday party has regained consciousness [on Wednesday, Mar 10, 2004] after 12 days in a coma, and her condition was upgraded yesterday from critical to stable. Doctors at Johns Hopkins Children's Hospital are planning to transfer Nicole Townes, who emerged from the coma Wednesday night, to another medical center for rehabilitation.
"She is breathing on her own and she is responsive," said Detective Donny Moses of the Baltimore Police Department. Another police officer familiar with the case said the improvements in Nicole's condition were nothing short of miraculous.
Residents of the Westside neighborhood said yesterday they were shocked but not surprised by the violence. One resident said the children roam the streets like animals and their parents do nothing to control them.
"That's how kids are these days," said Ronald Smith, 55, who lives on the same block as one of the jailed women. "They attack you like a pack of wolves. Why do you think kids are out until 2 or 3 in the morning? A lot of the parents don't care about their kids."

And we expect these children to go to school and to learn? What planet is this idea from?


Here's more background, from BlackAmericaWeb.

"I haven't a clue as to why such a brutal attack occurred," Gertrude D. Hack, head of the Allendale Community Association, told "I don't associate this with the residents of the community."

Hack has lived in the area for more than 20 years. She, the city government, and others paint a picture of Allendale as a stable, tree-lined, modest-to-medium-income, family-oriented place where residents, 67 percent of whom are homeowners -- an above average number for the city -- work hard to maintain their property. Participation in the neighborhood association is strong, she said.

On the other side are the police reports. The neighborhood middle school where Nicole is a sixth-grader has had troubles with crime lately: a girl was attacked by a pack of other girls on March 19, and a seventh-grade boy was stabbed at the school three days later.

For the six months that ended March 31, only eight property crimes and eight violent crimes were reported for a five-block stretch that includes the home of Monique Baldwin, where Nicole was attacked.

Police however were dispatched 12 times to Baldwin's address during the same period; nine of those incidents involved complaints about drug trafficking.

Tracee E. Bryant, executive director of the Black Mental Health Alliance for Education and Consultation in Baltimore, says Nicole Townes is part of a very large at-risk group.

"African-American girls between the ages of 12 and 19 are more likely than all other youth [in the U.S.] to be victims of violence -- beatings, sexual assaults," said Bryant. "The girls between the ages of 12 and 15 are more vulnerable than girls between 16 and 19."

David C. Miller is chief visionary officer for the Urban Leadership Institute -- a youth development organization -- and a consultant with The Johns Hopkins University Center for the Prevention of Youth Violence, a program funded by the Centers for Disease Control. He sees Nicole Townes' beating as part of several trends.

"Historically, we have seen large numbers of homicides and nonfatal injuries among adolescent and young adult African-American males," Miller said. "But within the last five years we are really beginning to see a trend among adolescent and young adult African-American females, as victims and perpetrators.

"If you look at some of the national data sets, it is clear that African-American females are at greater risk for both juvenile and adult incarceration, and that is because of a number of things: You're beginning to see more and more urban African-American females involved in drug trafficking. And as a result, you find they're also being more involved in the enforcement, holding people accountable."

Miller attributes this rise in violence by and against black girls to several factors.

"When you begin to look at child abuse within the African-American community, historically, it's something that has not been talked about," said Miller. "But look at the intense economic pressures and the fact that you have younger women and men having children, at 16 and 17 years of age. Even older African-Americans are having children, but they themselves never received nurturing and parental guidance and instruction in terms of how to parent a child.

"You really begin to see [why], if you go to any ER unit in the country, you have record numbers of reports of abuse coming in from schools and churches. And this abuse runs the gamut from hitting and stomping to neglect."


I posted this comment somewhere else. These people are ignorant, NIGGERS. I am african- american and this is a true picture of what one looks like. I hope they rot in hell

c. ray

I learned of the beating of nicole townes in a criminal justice class. For some uneducated, trash of society to insite such a violent act upon a girl for receiving a kiss on the cheek is a travisty. This Monique woman, in my oppinion of course, should be executed. I am more than willing to dish out a few extra tax dollars to help see this woman put to death. My heart goes out to nicole, I hope she pulls through. As for all of those involved in this disgusting act of violence (at a birthday party no less), I want you to know, that I am now going to purchase a firearm. I have a daughter, and if this ever happened to her, I would have to go to jail for a very long time.


To Angela:

Well, all the people in this story are African-American. Is that why they acted that way? I think not--I am betting there are other stories not dissimilar to this where all the participants are white.

I think we heard about this story because it occured in a city with a good newspaper. If the same story had occured in a rural area with only a county weekly--no reporting.

So repeat after me: this isn't a RACE story, it is a BAD PARENTING story, it is a DEFECTIVE ADULT story.

I can't agree with C. Ray's sentiments. The answer to (domestic) violence should never be more violence.

Monique Baldwin should go to jail for life, and her kids need re parenting. But vigilante justice? How does this add to a better civil life?


I don't know what's more depressing: The story or the comments. I find it truly frightening that there is so much rage in our society, with the first instinct for many people being to classify who is "other" and then stomp them out.


My heart goes out to Nicole and her family. You're in my prayers. I did not find out about this incident until 4-26-04. It's sad to see adults act this way. We wonder why some children turn out so negative and full of hostility. Monique Baldwin needs help!!! While she's in jail with no bail she has plenty of time to think about the events on February 28, 2004. For the other adults that were their why did you not stop this? This should have never happened. As I read read on I saw where the police were called out numerous to this house. That tells you something about this mother. Kenya this is your relative that's lying on the floor lifeless. Why would you even lie to the police about anything? Now you're being charged with giving false information. Why? Everybody involved should be punished and no pity felt for them. Monique should good get a dose of what you wanted these kids to do to Nicole. In jail their's a lot more people to kick and stomp on you!!
Nicole may God Bless You!!! I'm praying for a strong and full recovery for you.


This whole story is disgusting. How do human beings end up this way? And will poor Nicole ever be able to close her eyes without being horrified by these memories?
I have 3 wonderful children - heaven help anyone who ever even thinks of hurting them.
God bless you, Nicole!

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