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Sunday, March 21, 2004



thanks for your comment, especially for helping me figure out how to do a link back! NJ is supposed to have a 0 tolerance for bullying/harassment/assault but there's this loophole: they don't get involved in what happens on the bus. The school transportation dept is supposed to get involved but *they* say they need a recommendation from an administrator ... yadda yadda yadda. So that's why we contacted the police.

Let me make a wild guess about the thugs you wrote about: yes, they will do it again unless they have some sort of consequences ... like if the homeowner presses charges and they go to court. But a slap on the wrist from a judge doesn't count as a consequence. :P

I'll be back to visit again. :)


Of COURSE they will do it again, since nothing they've done so far has gotten their parent's attention. This kind of thing is a nice reminder that children have to be *parented*, not managed or coped with.


I think crime in today's society comes mostly from violence in the media, and parents that don't spend time monitoring what their children are watching. Children are influenced by what they see, and if they see violence, they will act it out.

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