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Sunday, March 28, 2004



i fill that this staff is not enough for me and would like to have more of your religion at hand


When there is only one right religion, those who follow it must try to help others that are lost, and worshiping false idols. God commanded us to love him, no one else. What kind of Christian would sit back and watch someone fall into the traps of Buddhism, or other things. Buddhism teaches there is no God. That is the work of Satan.


Well, then Dianna. You are right, Buddhism denies the existence of a god -- but also denies the existence of Satan.


What??? "Buddhism teaches there is no God. That is the work of Satan. "???????

Who told U this?

Go n read up what r the 6 realms in buddhism.--
Gods, Humans ,Demi-Gods (Asuras),Hungry Ghosts, ,Animals ,Hell Beings

There r 33 heavens, n 18 hells, n in 18 hells have 500 sub-hells.

Read up.


These Realms represents 6 different states of existence. Though some cannot be readily seen, they can be experienced. These 6 realms also represent 6 different states of mind a person might continually go through.


It is important to note that in Buddhism, gods are not beings that control or intervene in our daily lives. Rather, they are beings who experience a great deal of happiness as life goes on smoothly for a long time with absence of general suffering. However, this state is only temporal. We all, at one time or other, have had such an experience. When "everything" goes our way, as we wish, we are experiencing a state very similar to the gods.

Demi-Gods (Asuras)

These are beings who are constantly in an aggressive or competitive state of mind. They have great wealth, yet they are always reaching out, striving for more. In our modern world many of us are not unlike them. We live a generally high standard of life. Yet, we are constantly seeking and reaching out for more endlessly.

Human Beings

In this state we experience a mix of happiness and suffering. It is also in this state that we are able to attain Buddhahood. Thus a Buddhist would strive not to be born as a god but as a human, as it is as a human that we are most able to best practice the Dharma. Animals

The most powerful force acting on animals is ignorance. They are guided mainly by instincts where the preoccupying thoughts are food, sex and material comfort. Many of us have had experiences when craving for food or sex is so strong that we do things that we might regret later. A person who is too preoccupied by these thoughts is thus somewhat bestial or animal in nature.

Hungry Ghosts

In the ghost realm, beings are in a state of neurotic desire, and not having them fulfilled. They are always filled with great hunger or thirst. We have often seen people in less fortunate nations in great hunger due to drought or war. Their living is not unlike beings in the ghost realm. Closer to home, many people experience neurotic craving for relationships and cause great pain to both parties.

Hell Beings

These beings, of all the realms, are the ones suffering from the most pain. These beings suffer from constant acute physical and mental pain. These descriptions fit the details of the ways in which many prisoners-of-war have been tortured.


Is it so scary to flip tru some texts on buddhism before giving comments?


>>>It is important to note that in Buddhism, gods are not beings that control or intervene in our daily lives.

I don't understand how someone can have a desire for a god who has nothing to do with you or your daily life. Isn't that the whole point? To have a personal relationship with the God of this universe?


Your views are exactly like the Taliban.

cynthia lindsay

Do buddhist children experience higher academic achievement through meditation and prayer?

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