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Saturday, March 13, 2004



I always thought these were called "mombretia" (sp?) and they are pretty but invasive in my garden at the beach here. I think they look lovely in clumps but they drive me nuts when they straggle over the rest of the garden with long suckers.

Da Goddess

you're so sweet for trying to find out for me! I'm terrible about getting an idea in my head and not giving it up until I have the answer.


I was looking through you archives to see what the 'Orange flowers' might be. I can't see a picture to take a look but thought i'd share this link which shows a handfull of different kinds. Crocosmia is just the Latin for Montbretia although most people refer to the ornage types as Montbretia. hope this helps.

Gardening Birmingham

Did you ever find out what plant it was?

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