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Tuesday, March 23, 2004


Garden Fountains Junkie

I have retail a website that features garden decor. Wow, the 3 or 4-foot pots you show with this post are simply wonderful. Just think of the possibilities these pots have for creating special and unique themes throughout your garden! I am going to search around the Internet to see if I can locate a distributor for these pots!

Thank you for the wonderful garden decor ideas that are spinning around in my head right now!

Cara Fletcher

What beautiful flowers.I love gardening and I do it whenever I have some spare time.If I find some free space I'll put some flowers like those one in my garden.

Aerogarden Grower

Great post! It was very well researched and I enjoyed it very much. I bookmarked your site and will be back very soon, I look forward to reading some interesting posts! Thanks, Whitney


Ahh so that's how you get the nice variety of flowers. Repetition and if I could only figure out how to have flowers blooming at alternate times. They seem to bloom nicely for one month and then I'm left with one type of flower blooming for the rest of the season.

Johnny Greenthumb

There is a lot of urban greenery around San Fransisco, not just in the parks, I wish every city had this approach.

Jane @ My Organic Vegetable Gardening

There seems to be a lot more city flower beds springing up all over the place these days which i think is fantastic, it really does brighten up the whole area and makes me feel happy inside :)

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