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Saturday, April 10, 2004


Paul Lee, PT

Dear Liz,

Thanks for the link to my webring. You've got a great blog here.

Here is my main homeopathy page:




For Paul Lee, as he refuses commentary re anti-cancer treatment. Tell him I am amazed his Asian exposure did not penetrate his brain.

Your scientific acumen appears as bad as your technical.

Is there any science you know of besides the obviously physically apparent anatomy of the human body?  or do only ignorant accusations predominate in your mind?  Surely, you do not know physics as you claim, or you would understand why and how homeopathy works.

Perhaps you would also malign qigong, which understands the virtues of good chiropractic treatment, because of the same inadequate understanding of physics.  Read Dr. Robert O. Becker M.D.'s books, as clearly by virtue of his degree far more educated than you. Read Hong Liu's book, including Nature magazine on Yan Xin, on the many scientific studies done on the physics of electromagnetic energy. Are you merely a lackey for the M.D.s who assign their patients to you, or just a crank? Attend the Oct. conference on Energy medicine found on, rereferring to a small portion, a 100 energy studies. Find out how mechanics clean engines, unreachable inside, with a homeopathic procedure.  Make healing an intuitive art, rather than rely on many altered contradictory studies, for intuition is the 1st process before finding & creating healijng modalities.

The "poor Hanna" story only illustrates your abysmally incompetent inclination toward science or even a scientific mind. What will it take to get you to become an actual healing assistant, rather than a misleading crank/quack on the web?
1. Did poor Hanna ever actually ff. Hulda's protocol?
2. Does it occur to you that nausea came about from chemo and radiation, not H.C.'s program, among whom no one I ever heard of vomited?
3. Is one example of M.D. abuse as one last treatment type is suggested before they give up on her evidence of anything but the Sorry, we cannot do anymore for you copout of the medical profession?
4.Does it occur to you that her many treatments of radiation and chemo hopelessly destroyed her immune system? I will file a complaint against you, effective or not in the USA.

This mail sent through IMP:


I don't know who this Judyth is, but she is not a rational exponent of her case.

Robert O. Becker published "The Body Electric" and became convinced that low silver levels in the body were a cause of disease, leading to the silver craze of the late 1990s (discussion here, Wired News of Medicine Jan. 10, 2003.

Rosemary Jacobs has silver poisoning; the link takes you to her site, including Becker's disavowal of silver "supplements".

Hong Liu--without further details, it is too hard to figure out what Judyth is talking about. It's something to to with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong.

Laidler's 12 rules for debating "alt-med" true believers.

Find out how mechanics clean engines, unreachable inside, with a homeopathic procedure. I have no idea what Judyth is talking about.

The "poor Hanna" story is here--there's another story about a family who brought their dying daughter to Hulda Clark for a "cure". Clark cured them of their money, is all.

In short, this woman Judyth believes in treatments that have been proven worthless, and is angry with Paul Lee for saying they are worthless.

Paul Lee

Judyth seems to not only be confused, but irrational. Too bad. She makes a lot of noise, but produces no objective evidence. Since there is obviously no possibility of engaging her in a reasonable discussion, I won't waste time attempting to deal with each of her points, especially since some of them are incoherent ramblings that make no sense, although I will comment on her first sentence:

".... he refuses commentary re anti-cancer treatment."

I don't know what she's talking about here. I don't recall ever being approached by this woman. If I am approached in a reasonable and courteous manner, I usually reply in kind and am willing to discuss pretty much anything.

If Judyth really wanted to contact me, she could have easily done it, instead of limiting her comments to this blog. She could have, at the very least, done me the courtesy of letting me know that she had posted here.


Lordy, still no scientific bent elicited from Paul. Replies to comments from last to 1st below.
1) I tried to contact you from your less-than enlightened medical quackery site only rote, blind ff. of studies you have no inquiring mind to question.], but was many times continually rejected by email system, I presumed, because you wanted as you said there, no adverse commentary, or some such phrase, or else because you are web-challenged as you indeed suggested there.

Therefore, I had no other recourse to notif you of my opinions on your most unconvincing views but here, after considerable attempts to locate you anywhere else.

2) I have never even contemplated seeing you, especially after many P. T.s treated me for years, including several who escaped from their Olympic teams to remain in the U.S., but not a one recognized I had a thos over 2 yrs. of treatment, for it took a not well remunerated osteopath from Kaiser to discern this, not all bad system there, but mostly monetarily so.
3) As I did not think I actually should take up exorbitant amounts of space here, not your site, I merely pointed you to areas of inquiry I hoped would engage a 'scientific' mind. Of course, not many studies have been done by western medical
scientists, as their aim is merely to take over supplementation by requiring Rxes for them, but surely you could have looked at the literature, for your western studies do not exclude many complexities outside their parameters. and can be and further often are manipulated by the drug companies that present them.
My cursory expository remarks were meant to treat you so shortly, because you were not worth my time, clearly, but I wanted to steer you to some good sources.
Eso es.
As to Liz on Becker: 1) I did not endore him for crazes, although silver has been used well by both eastern and western medicine, nor his universal Godly wisdom, merely intended to remind you of his work on regrowing limbs using electric currents. Have you no information on Voll machine developments, physicist who wrote Fer de Lance, to give you some web research you or more promising, your readers might find, which method could easily have been applied to Hong Liu, but with a little help now evidently needed, go to Surely you know what precedes those words, for URLs. Have NEITHER of you checked out Nature Mag. archives for Yan Xin? How unscientific of you, not to even mention if you did, for there IS proof of effective energy medicine, not to mention Chinese studies in The Art of Qigong by Hong Liu.
2) For both of you, to offer no proof of you contentions, much less offer up a news report laden with errors by untrained-in-medicine reporters, not medical/health ones, whose inaccurate slanted comments and blatant false facts, of a $1500. zapper, etc. show you are happy with your own investigative ignorance. The article was rife with innuendo and ignorance.
Of course, repressive U.S. laws make geography good to Hulda & many other clinics that understand good nutritive support, at the least.
CA Physicians banded together to not allow naturopaths to be primary health care providers able to prescribe, recently, but her credentials are good, and several M.D.s I know here chiefly use homeopathy, not their western med. mindless protocols. I write for others here, that I have used her protocols with immediately observable success, so it angers me that you dismiss her w/o an iota of proof.
As to the dying girl whose parents took her to Hulda, Hulda knew that just as Paul.s many presumably injured patients may have pathogens invade the sight of injury, so Hulda thought that perhaps the deficient DNA had a root or exacerbating pathogen that attacked it. No doubt she improved her nutritionally, eliminated many toxins, not by the Zapper, as these really confused reporters misstated, but by nutritional supplementation, and the pathogens western med. primarily treats, by the Zapper, and the parents continue to seek combined allopathic AND alternative care together sustain this supposedly previously dying girl. Did she live beyond 3 inquiring minds might like to find out.
Think, people, that $1200. for a month stay at a hoteln is $40. night, not bad, as no doubt laundry, room cleaning was taken care of specially to be free of chemicals, etc. Nor are $10. specially prepared meals, or any of it. I was charged $30,000. for a 5-day stay in a Santa Monica, CA hospital, where they did not find the pathogen introduced into my kidney by another western M.D. who thought I had a medullary sponge kidney, not so, but he perforated my gut to catheterize the kidney, did not clean equipment well after that, and introduced a gut bacteria to kidney where it is never normally found, so after losing all but 7% of my platelets to this major blood infection, spread through toxic reaction to an IVP's iodine, and neglect of a thrombotic leg, I used qi gong and got myself out of there. Fortunately, this hospital no longer exists, as another woman had thrombosis there neglected and had both of her lower legs chopped off because of it, so weary of it, she let her lawsuit go after years of them fighting it. Mine was neglected/ignored by M.D. until by the grace of God a friend visited and witnessed it, so my leg was saved by having a witness to this M.D.s observing it. Thank God for non-invasive alternative medicine I use now, including Hulda's treatment of a melanoma on skin gone by use of her 3-week protocol, nothing else. I am a certified healer.
You let slide that Huilda has to protect herself from the same M.D.'s lawsuits, not to mention the FDA, etc. which kills how many people would John Stoessel say, by denying medicine approval for 13 years or so, yet let so many ineffective ones get through. SPECIFICALLY, she did not treat in San Diego, just diagnosed/monitored reduction of pathogens, I assume, for the treatment protocol no doubt was merely continued from her clinic Rx for treatment in Mexico. But let the blind lead the blind, I say.

Paul Lee


My contact information is easy to find, and it works perfectly fine. I have never had anyone complain about it before:

I'm curious about this complaint that you are planning to file. For what "offense" will you complain, and to whom? Such a possibility doesn't even exist.

Notify me by email when you respond.

Dr. Nancy Malik

Homeopathy cures where Conventional Allopathic Medicine (CAM) works

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