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Tuesday, April 20, 2004



Even better: Mind Control Forums, via Making Light. You can't make these things up.


Even more better: a woman who by psychic surgery will remove your implants!

When I created this web site four years ago, my clients were being visited and abducted by the Greys. Things are different now. My clients are currently being traumatized and raped by the reptilians. I wasn't sure why there was such a dramatic shift until a colleague told me that, "The Greys are dying. They're desperate. They're laying low right now, but they'll cycle back around." Jane Ford and I are also skilled at Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT). If you've got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, chances are you've got Spirit Attachment. I've never met or worked with an abductee who didn't have at least three of these taggers on. It comes with the territory. Once the aura -- seen as a multi-layered, multi-colored energy field around the body -- is traumatized, these entities will find their way in. I like to compare the aura to a screen door. If your screen has a hole in it and there are flies around, they'll get inside.

Thanks to The Cat People

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