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Tuesday, April 27, 2004



Yeah, two adults egged these girls on. Allegedly, they also tried to egg the guys on also to participate, but they refused. Even 13 year olds have the power to refuse, to leave, to run away.... and in fact many runaways are refugees from abuse. This was horrific in scope and nature. There is a pathology and sickness here that runs so much deeper than the surface; it is the pack mentality of attacking the weakest; it is animalistic; AND, I saw on t.v. last night, stictly for OUR entertainment, a new film will be released about young girls beating up young girls (I don't know, maybe a takeoff on the Chicago hazing story). So as a society of profiteers, we hold out such behavior as an acceptable model, from the WWF, to pornographic Brittany, as long as it lines the industry pockets; we give license to the unthinkable under the guise of protecting first amendment rights and artistic license. We are a nation of voyeurs, from reality t.v. in all its banality, to the Jerry Springer-Ricky Lake talk shows. Yeah, two adults were present. But an entire society has stood by while the most profane and base behaviors cross our airways, our internet, and invade the souls and minds of the innocent and ignorant. Enough. We reap what we have sewn.


What she said.


this is so sick, a young girl almost dies because of jealousy, i hope everyone involved gets the maximum penalty, other people that were there like the guys could have stopped it. And why was it the girl that get beat anyway it was the boy who kissed her(i'm not saying he should be beat either) but she was innocent

Alberta Logan

I imagine that the girls and women who beat down Nicole Townes had perfectly manicured nails and heads fresh from the shop. How sad that so many of our young people (and certainly their closest adult role models) are so consumed with superficial concerns that they have lost their souls. "Handle your business?" Hey mom (and dad), handle YOUR business so that your children won't be an utter embarrassment to the black community and destructive force in society.

Leesa Albert


The parents are the ones who definitely should be ashamed of themselves. As a 13 year old myself, I would have to say that the parents held most of the power in that situation. Even if the children didn't want to participate in the beating, they still had a large 36 year old woman ordering them to beat Nicole. So could you say that the children just could have turned away? They should have but think of the consequences.


The 14 year old had been sentenced to a therapeutic foster home:

Girl Sentenced For Birthday Party BeatingMay 26, 2004 7:38 pm US/Eastern
A Baltimore Circuit Court judge has committed 14-year-old to a therapeutic group home for her role in the near fatal beating of 12-year-old Nicole Townes. A Department of Juvenile Services investigator has recommend the girl spend at least one year at the group home. The girl will also have to perform 200 hours of community services with victims of brain damage, write essays about the negative effects of violence every other month and write a letter of apology to Nicole Townes and her 11-year-old sister. Townes was in a coma after being severely beaten by a group of girls and women after she was dared to kiss another girl's boyfriend at a birthday party in February. Prosecutors say Townes suffers from permanent brain damage and remains in a long-term pediatric hospital.


Do you know if there is a way to donate to a medical fund for the girl? I am sure her bills are very high.


For all the males that were present during this, Every, single one of you is an impotent coward and a murderer.


I think it is horrific that child are allowed grown up in the care of such women taht are involved in this case. Do we really need to question why so many teens turn out to be violent killers. Growing up in such an environment they see it as ok and adopt it. Those women should never be allowed near children again and should never be allowed have children of their own. They are a danger to the well being of children and a danger to society


Everyone who saw the attack and just enjoyed watching is a collaborator in the murder attempt. The "peaceful" observers should be also included in the accusation list. When I see someone dying and don't do anything, I'm just agreeing to his death, but the worst of all is to enjoy this terrible scene.

God bless you and lead you to the ways of peace and righteousness,



I know nicole she attend school with my little sister lyndhurst elementary it is nice to know that she is recovering and i leave her and her family in my prayers


I would like to meet Nicole and her family. I remember when this terrible incident hit the news in 2004. I became very depressed because I am a mother and could only imagine Nicole being my daugther or myself when I was 12 years old. I would like to see her today and let her know that God has blessed her to be able to go on living and to do wonderful things in her life. This incident did not stop her from living and she can go on to be a positive influence and role model to others. She is my hero and I am very proud of her. May God continue to bless her in her life daily and allow her to be blessed in everything that she will do.


I have a two children, a step child, alot of neices, nephews and younger cousins therefore I was soooo angry about this incident when i learned about it. Even now when i think about it it saddens me. Thank God she is okay now. What also saddens me is the comments that were left ... people need to check themselves, while making all type of comments......People make mistakes, bad chioces or how ever you want to call it. I know I have. Im sure you've made mistakes in your lives as well. So while youre sitting making comments about what should have been done and who should get what, you need to pick up a BIBLE and get to reading !! Also you need to pray for everyone involved in this incident. Yes, even the individuals who were charged. I know I will continue to.


I remember hearing a little about this terrible tragedy back in 2004 but I did not know all the details. I can honestly say that this story just makes me feel sick to my stomach. I could not believe that adults would allow and actually instigate this type of behavior let alone teenagers actually following those directions. I know that it had to be horrible to just get beat up and not be able to help yourself and just take all that pain. I am glad to hear that she is okay now, but I would also like to know if she had any kind of troubles afterwards.

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