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Saturday, May 15, 2004



oh, I forgot:


Given your interest in giving and in positive psychology you might be interested in Tom Munnecke's He runs an interesting listserv mailing list.



I should take the blame for Erin's misstatement, since it's in the "About Me" page on my blog that I talk about starting the project because I hadn't found any other blogs about the philanthropic enterprise.

Looking at your (wonderful!) list of sites in this post, I think you and I may simply be coming from different angles on what constitutes a blog. To my mind, the term indicates a deliberate authorial slant/presence that is distinct from a periodical, a newswire, or a professional association. In that sense, Critical Mass is a blog and the Chronicle of Higher Ed isn't; you blog about horses, while the US Equestrian Team site is some other web-genre.

In that understanding, most of the sites you link here are wonderful resources, and resources I happily keep in my bookmarks file, but I don't think of them as blogs. The notable exception to that is Gifthub, which I freely admit I simply had not discovered before I started my own wee writing enterprise. And I am *quite* grateful that your post has led me to find it!

So anyhow, I hope this makes my apparent hubris less vain and more understandable. Thanks for your post, because it has given me a great deal worth thinking about. I hope you won't mind me tracking back and writing further when I do my blog entry tonight.


Phil's comment: I know of Tom from the Positive Psychology listserve. And all of Philanthropoid's comments are correct, distinguishing blogs from websites. I do get careless in that regard.

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