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Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Chalin Jones

My child was diagnosed with dyslexia, disgraphia, and dyscalculia at the beginning of this year, the third grade. I am interested in your program. I live in Lafayette, LA. Any information you can give me to help my child would be helpful. Chalin

Charlotte Baker

I have a son that has dyslexia and I am looking for help, the nearest program is in Lafayette. I was wondering if there was any help in Iberia parish. If you can give any information or help of any kind I would appreciate it. Thanks from a concerned parent.

Cindy Viator

I have an 8 year old daughter with dyslexia and I am looking for help. We live in New Iberia, LA. Any help that you would give me would be greatly appreciated.


Brenda M. Smith

To families with children in New Iberia that have dyslexia. I have my grandson with a Ms. Margie Allen on Iberia Street. She tutors him for $25.00 an hour with the Wilson program. He has just started so I cannot say how things will go, but several other mothers have told me she is wonderful. I sincerely hope this helps. I'm not sure if they will let me post my email but if you would like to contact me it is

Stacey Young

I am in the Broussard area and I will be opening a clinic to help all students with learning disabilites (especially dyslexia). I have a daughter with dyslexia.I am also, a certified teacher and I am currently in training with this new wonderful program developed by a doctor from the University of Illinois. If you would like more information on my services or just to compare notes as parents. Please send me an email.

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