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Sunday, June 27, 2004


nazi cosgrove

try working for the man. he might be a great heart surgeon, but he is an rest of the comment deleted by site owner. The commenter was very unhappy with his treatment by Dr. Cosgrove. the email address supplied was fake, so I couldn't reply to him directly.

Michael Kavit Shenton

Hi there!! I just thought - I'd write a quick E-Mail. I'm hoping 2 write - up my own book on: 'Famous Dyslexics' + 'Successful Dyslexics'. 1stly, I'd love 2 help people, with things in common with me. Then; 2 help ALL people 2 have better life's (dyslexics more though)!! 'The learner disabled partnership', is 1 of my many business ideas!! Please E-Mail me, if u.'d b. interesdted, in supporting my ideas, researching them + putting 'em in2 practice!!

Many thanx - M.S. - (Michael Shenton).

J Craft

Dr. Cosgrove is the man!!!

Michael Kavit Shenton

No1, has replied 2 my ideas yet!! If u. r. interested, then please apply @ [email protected].

I'd b. d.lighted, 2 hear from u.

Many thanx!!

Dr Arnold Gartner

I shared a hootch with Dr Cosgrove in Vietnam and went on many volunteer missions to the villages around Danang with him. He is one of the greatest influences in my life and the best physician I have ever met and been associated with!!! His success in life is no surprise to me. Way to go Toby!!
Arnie Gartner


I am motivated! What a life!


Where can I find a link to this presentation?

Deborah Morris

Dr Cosgrove is an inspiration, through his life example of persistence and dedication and his striving for perfection despite challenges he is truly my hero.

Deanna Austin

Dr. Cosgrove treated my husband in 2001, performing a valve replacement with the skill for which he's world renowned. More important, Dr. Cosgrove has a generosity of spirit that will stay with both my husband and me for the remainder of our lives. It was a Christmas I'll never forget and a gift I can never repay.

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