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Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Tor Gilbo

Sylvan is most definately the cruelest of all cults. The concept and impression of child slavery and terror come to mind. Instead of breeding families that trust and love one another, Sylvan promotes punishment and reward based on performance.In my case, I have been legally cut off - disowned from my family lest I achieve a BA degree from an accredited University. These are the worst kind of parents, that abuse and exploit children mentally (not physically). The children grow up with no or low self-esteem because their efforts are never good enough and the results are not bringingoin the big amounts of money that they used to when they were so cute and small.
The parents constantly remind their children of all the bad and negative things they have done as a method of embezzling their good fortunes and deserting their children while they slave away in the microprisons called schools.
Lately I have been receiving death threats from representatives of the parents who would rather see me DEAD, than achieve the goal of obtaining my BA degree. All efforts ~ physical, mental and sociological are being used to assist these people in thwarting the inheritance in their favor, whilst me and my sister get nothing.
Imagine trying to achieve the best grades you can in college whilst constantly being reminded that its the END OF THE WORLD and that ITS ALL OVER and YOUR GONNA DIE SOON and so forth.

Tor Gilbo

Two years later... and the cult is getting worse. We are starved to death... and forced to go to churches for our meals. The alternaive is going to the county and state. What poor choices we are given....
Now, the situation has become a law suit... whereby we had won the law suit but the big corporations refuse to pay - even if the court has ordered it and it has been published numerous times in the press.
Still no degree from College ~ $140,000 later, no life, no job, no credentials. The abuse and exploitation get worse every day.
Now, it sounds like they have killed off both parents BEFORE degree conference so inheritance is thwarted to third party or state. The son and daughter both suffer constantly.
I am not saying this is Sylvans fault AT ALL. I am just saying that forcing a person to work harder or anytype of force is wrong; especially if the child refuses to learn. It seems like PUNISHMENT and accomplishes nothing!

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