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Friday, June 25, 2004


ija mia

my dream is about previous boy friend and i recognize his face but the he treats me is like my current boyfriend.... Can i ask what is the mening of my dream?

Caleb Eric Mayor

I saw a bag full with money (New 1000 note Nigerian currency) worth 3million in a bush, I picked the bag and then began to pay all the bepth I have. Also, I dreamt of me having sex with a lady I don't know. Can you explain what is happening or about to happen to me? Please.


This is not a dream interpretation blog.

Miley Cyrus

Every now and then I have dreams of meeting, hanging out even talking to the Jonas Brothers but never got to even shake their hands! I'm obssessed with them. I cannot get over them! I L.O.V.E. them and I like having dreams about them but why is that and how can I try to dream about them or anything a lot.

Nick DeMetro

this comment was offensive and was removed by the owner of this blog

celebrity tube

Funny words :) Hard to translate, much harder to understand.


I dream of my late mother she was so beatiful she had a pink shifon on her head. Shea said she is tired and she want me to take her out where she is she siad take me out with 9 cows. What does this mean.

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