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Saturday, July 24, 2004



There is also some current photos from Lenny Foster
Lenny Foster's Living Light Photography Gallery
246-A Ledoux Street,
Taos, NM  87571    

(I actually met him I think when we were in New Mexico)


Another trailblazing black cowboy was Vincent Jacobs, who became an inspirational speaker after a documentary about his life, "Preserving the Legacy: African American Cowboys in Texas," was entered into the National Museum of American History in Washington D.C. in 1994.


Another trailblazing black cowboy was Gene "Sugarfoot" Johnson


Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport; 3/1/2001

Demetrius W. Pearson, University of Houston, published an article on black rodeo, Shadow Riders of the Subterranean Circuit: A Contemporary Analysis of the Nuances of Black Rodeo in the Texas Gulf Coast Region

Rodeo, like baseball and other sport forms, was participated in and influenced by minority athletes whose legacy within the sport has frequently been overlooked, trivialized, or blatantly omitted. Unbeknownst to many a rodeo circuit exist in Texas comprised primarily of African American cowboys. The participants, past and present, have received minimal media exposure as well as the venues housing this sport form. This study examined African American involvement in professional rodeo in the Gulf Coast region of Texas. Special emphasis was placed on the "ethnic rodeo," as opposed to the more prevalent White-dominated rodeo, because of its unique sociocultural and historical significance. Similarities and differences between the two venues, as well as the nuances of the ethnic rodeo were documented. Qualitative and archival (historical) research methodologies were employed. This included conventional ethnographic tech...

There's yet another rodeo circuit: Latting Rodeo Productions

Tri-State Defender 01-27-1999 RIDING THE RANGE IN MEMPHIS

The Thyrl Latting Rodeo Spectacular, the country's premier Black rodeo, will visit the Mid-South Fairgrounds Feb. 6 for two big shows, 2:00 and 7:00 p.m. (Tickets available at all Ticket Master locations, call (901) 525-1515 for more information.)

The event was founded and developed by Thyrl Latting, a former inner-city teacher and nationally renown championship rodeo producer. Latting grew up on the west side of Chicago and dreamed of becoming a cowboy since childhood. Later in life, that dream became a reality, as he became a professional bull rider.

After his bull-riding career was over, he became a rodeo producer. And for over 35 years, his company has produced some of the best championship rodeos the country has ever seen. Together with his rodeo, he has taught inner-city kids the value of a good education and pride.

Thirteen years ago, Latting decided to develop a Black rodeo..

adam fletchner

do you know who was the rodeo legend that broke more bulls than bones and owned his own ranch?

 Frank Penny Edwards

We have one of the largest Black Rodeo Tours in the Southern US. Check us out...

Real Cowboy Association


Who's the rodeo legend that broke more bulls than bones

beverly rainey

looking for an african american rodeo in the dallas area from 3/30 to 4-2 2005.

elaine harsten

if anyone has any pictures of will dawson please contact his sister in mich thank you elaine harsten

Akili Moses Israel

Hello, I am a member of the Oakland Black Cowboy Association and I really enjoyed your postes "African Americans on the Rodeo Circuit" and "Cowboys (and Girls) as They Really Were".

Is there any chance of seeing more information like this?

Solomon Sweeting

Does anyone out there know of any black cowboys and cowgirls in the reno area that might want to start a riding club or assosiation.I live in plumas county and am one of probably three black cowboys in the area.I would like to hear from anyone from Chico,Ca to Elko,NV.Thanks Solomon Sweeting

elaine owens harstenn

my brother was will dawson who left mich to settle in california to follow his dream of being an cowboy. who is now deseased. we lost most of his pictures in an family fire. if anyone has any news stories or pictures please contact me at [email protected] thank you the owens family

elaine owens harsten

still looking for information concerning black cowboy and trick rider who was from detroit mich but settled in burbank calif.his name will dawson [a.ka. oliver or billy owens.

rena bibbs

looking for black rodeo in mi in 08


My uncle Clarence "coon" Gonzales was one of the first black bull riders to ride at Madison Square Garden. He is still alive, he is a nursing home. He was incredible.

Pamela Hudson

I would like information on bringing the rodeo to Saint Petersburg, Florida for Black History Month. Can someone please contact me at (727) 898-5332. I have tried to contact a few people and got no response.

Thank you

Carol Hendrix

I am looking for a African-American rodeo rider from the 1950's named Earl Shaw. He was from Milwaukee, WI.

Anita White

I'm looking for any information about Clarence "Coon" Gonzales who I saw and met in my first rodeo many years ago. I've been trying to get my children and grandchildren to go on a trip with me to see the rodeo when it comes to a city near me . I found out too late about the latest one. I'm looking for some history about Mr. Gonzales to show and pass on.


Anita Gonzales... He is my uncle his sister is my mom. If you want to contact me email me feel free. [email protected]

English Perez

Norricia Speights

Anita, I am doing some research on Clarence Gonzales. He is my uncle. Please feel free to contact me at 915-568-1132 during the day or 915-307-6199 evenings and weekends. Uncle Clarence is currently in a nursing home in Sugarland and is doing okay.
Norricia (Livingston) Speights
El Paso,TX


I am looking for any pictures or articles on black cowboy Willie "J" Boone who was featured in Ebony magazine in the 1940's or early 50's. He was from South Texas. (Bay City, Buckeye, Markham)


Anita White

Thank you Norricia about the comments on Clarence Gonzales. I will call you.My number is 412-872-4544 in Pittsburgh or email [email protected]

Anita Strong White

jackie chapman

My name is Jackie Chapman and I am desperately searching for my hero.

His name is Ron Williams. He is a buffolow rider. He may not be still active and I believe he is in the state of MD or Washington DC. I believe he is in his mid fifties to early 60"s. I think if my memory is right he was in something called "The Freedom Riders".

If anyone can help me you can email me at [email protected] or call 410.552.0003

I met him and became friends with him when he worked at Children's Hospital in Washington DC. He was very supportive of me and my dying son.

Please help me find him

Thankyou so much


Hello, I am looking for a Black Rodeo African Americans on the Rodeo Circuit" event(s) in Florida.

mori vance

If possible can send list of dates and cities when in California. Very eager to introduce the youth of color to a very important part of history.currently I am introducing them to farming this is and will be an added asset and benefit.

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