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Tuesday, July 27, 2004



Liz, just back from a gruelling trip to your splendid post. I stand, and sit, corrected. Thanks for supplying the crucial details. I will respond when my wits return to me. (Medical advisors say this shouldn't take more than a couple of weeks.) Best, Grant


Well, the real reason for the post--just triggered by Grant--is by how many people misunderstand the technological demands underlying saddle design.

It's one of those wonk things, and also a debt of gratitude I owe my former husband. He 's the one who sparked my interest in technology and how it manifests in design.


Fabulous post- thanks for this!


How old do you have to be to eneter the grand prixs if you know?

Frank Jones

i recently watched some early episodes of the "Macleod Daughters". Not knowing anything about Australian stock raising, the depiction seems fairly accurate. However, how do you work livestock on the range without a rope or with a saddle that does not have a horn?

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