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Friday, July 09, 2004


Veritas Chief Financial Officer Kenneth Lonchar resigned after the company learned he had fabricated his educational background. It seems Lonchar, who has served as the storage software venture's CFO since 1997, misstated his educational credentials, falsely claiming to have received a master’s degree in business administration from Stanford. To make matters worse, the validity of his undergraduate degree, allegedly from Arizona State University, is also questionable. A university spokeswoman said she could find no record that Lonchar was ever a student there.


James McKinney thought he needed a little “extra” polish for his resume, but instead he became part of a massive fraud in academic degrees.

The two degrees McKinney claims on his resume come from Columbia State University (CSU), which has been long-exposed as a diploma mill in Louisiana. The company was shut down by federal authorities in 1998 and its founder was indicted in April for mail fraud related to the non-existent school.

McKinney, who recently took a job as vice president of operations with Nashville-based IASIS Healthcare’s hospital in Mesa, Ariz., has a track record as an executive. Most recently, he was president of Leland Medical Centers in Plano, Texas, for a year and before that he worked for American Medical International (AMI), which later became part of the No. 2 U.S. hospital owner Tenet Healthcare Corp.


Don Hargis is some kind of faith healing fast talking guy.

1986-87 ---Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Communications / Years Attended--- DIPLOMA MILL---no campus --no Doctorate

International Bible College and Seminary / DeSoto, Missouri

Set up entire academic curriculum and courses of study for Biblical Communications degrees.

****meaning he wrote the "curriculum" for the diploma mill for the course he got his so-called doctorate in...then in future biographies switched the name of the defunct diploma mill to International Seminary and Bible College

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