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Thursday, July 22, 2004



my friend
it's a sign your getting old
when fashion become an issue for you

if she wants to dress that way (provided she's not like 14) it's her choice. there is always another side to the coin.

years ago the music of today was thought of as a terrible violation of morality.
and years before that it was illegal to sing in harmony.

this all just spins around

we all dress in a way that we can look in the mirror and nod at.. feel attractive at least to ourselves.

Mines brown shorts and a t-shirt. usually a couple days dirty .. with un kept hair.. skin clean.. teeth clean.. and flip flops... my grandmother doesn't see how i can go out in public dressed like that.. and my mother repeats the mantra "what if you meet a girl"

they are not really worried about how i look..
but how it reflects on them.
and i am not them.

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