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Friday, July 09, 2004



Loved your web site. Our son Kyle is a junior at a dyslexic school with one on one tutoring in Orton Gillingham on a daily basis, located in Amenia New York. You mentioned earlier that you would like to teach at a small private high school. Here it is. Our concern is the next step. We know too many college grads who get out and can't find jobs. He has a passion for history and the American Civil War but our concerns are how can he make a living in this. We are looking at the next step. We are attempting to look at small highly structured schools. Any advise you have would be appreciated. Was thinking perhaps hotel management? Our son also has expressed an interest to have his own business. A Hotel Management major might give him general skills he could use with any small business. Thinking that a specific skill would be better than a general major. Your advice and comments would be greatly appreciated.

maria perez

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