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Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Ernest G. Wilson

The Dore approach to Dyslexia goes against current scientific knowledge. SO What !!!
What are the Dore exercises? Do they harm the client? That the cerebellum has a role in linking the mind to activity seems to be accepted by the scientific community. This is a multidisciplinary problem and scientists notoriously are not good at collaborating outside their own discipline. Get together a multidisciplinary team to investigate the problems involved and spend less time on rubbishing what I see as a genuine attempt to solve a problem. The cost of Dore was certainly prohibitive. I speak from experience as an applied scientist where problem solving had to be multidisciplinary to be successful. This is an applied science problem. Let us have fewer words and more collaboration across the various disciplines involved in this most disturbing aspects of the learning process.

Ernest G. Wilson

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