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Sunday, July 04, 2004


joyce fricken

Hello again..
I was never a hippie either.. never ever wore a flower in my hair or believed in all that free love jazz. (I really didn't care much for my generation. I thought beatniks were way cooler.. still do.)
But I have been to Burning Man in Nevada 3 times now. I've always found it stimulating and eclectic. The idea with Burning Man is to "Leave No Trace".. and that would be above or below the ground. I know that clean up goes on for months after the event is over. And the organization pays a ton of money for insurance and such to the Bureau Of Land Management.
I'm sure the locals look at it as a lucrative nuisance but they really don't sound much like this Rainbow crowd to me.
Peace and love.. lol

Hip Liz

Rainbow looks a little too self-absorbed, even for me :) but I want to go to BM some day.

The quote about having the "right" to gather on public land without being accountable reminds me vaguely of the same right as expressed a century and a half ago by clearing out the Indians ...

Hip Liz

Rainbow looks a little too self-absorbed, even for me :) but I want to go to BM some day.

The quote about having the "right" to gather on public land without being accountable reminds me vaguely of the same right as expressed a century and a half ago by clearing out the Indians ...


The right to gather peacibly is stated in the first amendment, therefore that is the only permit rainbows need. Rainbows do hold themselves accountable for the land they use, with their extensive clean up effort. The Native American grievance about latrine digging didn't come until the gathering was well under way, had it been earlier I'm sure the gathering would have been moved. Every year, thousands of people come together for weeks on end for the sole purpose of coming together, and the amount of violence and thievery is less than at a typical one afternoon sporting event.

get a life

some people oviously have nothing better to do than judge others. I am sure this person is a saint in thier own mind. Too bad people like this only project the bad aspects of what happens at gatherings and ignore anything that is kind.Just like a true HYPOCRITE to find only the negative things and not any of the positive things! Seems like an ole hag that has nothing better to do than gripe about others. But THEN seems that it is what she is best at!

A Non Rainbow




I have to respond to this. The USDA/FS after 27 years of Rainbow Gatherings, decided to create an IMT.

Now lets get a little realistic here. In 1997 the Rainbow Gathering was blockaded by law enforcement. I remember the quote from the District Attorney of the county that it was done in "not one felony case that he would choose to prosecute had been brought before him." Yeah, 240+ tickets for having a blown out license plate light.

Now, to the author of the original writing above. Lets blockaide your neighborhood and see how many felony cases we can get out of it. Do you live next door to a child molestor? Do you live next door to a bunch of Junkies? You don't know. You don't know anything. Your neighborhood and the people that you live and work with have never been placed under the scrutiny that Rainbow has. We're (Rainbow) are singled out by the USDA with regulations and laws that only apply to Rainbow. Let's say you drive a red car. Let's make a law that is only for red cars.

Equal application of the law is the norm. This is not equal application of the law. So the govt. decides to spend $45 a head to protect me from myself. 1.) I didn't ask them to in the first place. 2.) I'm sure you use services that I don't that the govt. provides. So how much does it cost for what you use a year?

If you don't want to go to a gathering then don't. If you don't want to be a hippie, you don't have to be. But, don't tell me what the hell I should do. Who the hell are you anyway?

Also, before the incident management teams were created, we had a 27 year reputation to restoring the forest to better condition than when we came. We don't need them breathing down our necks either. Let me put your life under the same scrutiny. I'm sure I'll find many things wrong.




While I realise that all the services add up, that still seems to me like an unusually large amount of taxpayer money spent on this gathering.

I attended the rainbow gathering in the Uintahs here in my home state, Utah.

I know I helped with trash pickup, I filled about 3 of the possibly hundreds of bags of trash.

But i dunno.. taxpayer money is always spent wisely.... isn't it?

... well?


every person at a rainbow gathering is an individual and every individual has a right to use national forest land.the governments attemps impose restrictions on rainbow gatherings is a violation of our individual rights and it affects us all,not just the hippies in the woods.
if 10,000 individual u.s. citzens all decide to legally use the same public land at the same time why should any of them be held responsible for the others? if the forest service insists on taking responsibility,then they should pay the bill.and if any of you "taxpayers/haters" got a problem with that then you should write a letter to you're congressman and tell him to "leave those rainbows alone!"


visitors to remote parts of the national forest will shit as much if they come one at a time or 10,000 at a rainbow gatherings latrines are dug only in proper areas away from water and at sufficient depth.if 10,000 solitary hikers were to use the same area over the same period of time, as it is their right to do so, there would be shit(and toilet paper) everywhere on the surface of the ground.because they all come at once the impact of 10,000 people is greatly reduced.
our national forests are being logged,drilled,mined make sure you taxepayers/haters also tell your congressman that you want your share of the loot from the raping of the forest you wish to protect.if any of you people really know how to protect the forest,please come to a gathering and share your ideas with everyone.if you think the best way to protect the forest is by staying out of it,feel free to stay home.if you believe we must restrict access to the forest in order to protect it,start with the loggers,miners and drillers.


Yikes! Haven't been following Rainbow Family events for a long time, but was in touch recently with my old friend Bill Wasley, and learned he used to be law enforcement chief for the Forest Service. He must have had the dubious pleasure of dealing with their gatherings on National Forest land.

I'll have to see what he makes of these oppositional defiant children of more or less adult years.

And is this the Liz Ditz of Ponytrax?

Kay Luke

I just returned from the 07 Ocala Gathering.
I found it peaceful and low impact. No unusual litter problem. The carefully prepared latrines were far less offensive the usual variety offered in campgrounds.

And as for security concerns - if the Forestry Service chooses to overreact to a threat that appears to exist only in their imagination that is their choice. Once more a government agency makes a foolish economic decision based on preconceived justifications. What a surprise.

I have never, among my considerable travels in North America, found myself in a more peaceful, benign, and friendly place then at the Gathering. The willingness to Share and lend aid to one's fellows that was universally displayed by all those present was quite refreshing in today's America. Pragmatic Christianity in action- that's what the members of our company experienced.

We at geckopelli productions urge everyone to check it out for themselves. It's Alternative. It's radical. It's Shocking. It's Scary. And it's Cool. Human Art.

Personally, it looks to me like they have a piece of the puzzle, and I sincerely hope that everyone with a bellybutton really does have a touch of Rainbow in their heart.

Kay Luke 2/22/2007
Executive Producer
geckopell productions

Michael Carroll

Sorry to see your egos lead you to so much hate. Rainbow is about life. You seem to be another group of Death Eaters, Blue Meaniees & Wet Blankets. 2 kinds of people, those that let U live your life, those that want to tell you how you must live. Who do U want for a neighbor?


To the comments on how the locals are impacted by large numbers of people visiting the local forests.

Any time you live by a place that is attractive to people visiting you have the potential for both positive and negative impacts of visitors. Because many of the rural areas in which we gather rarely have large number of visitors, I can understand that it is hard for local people to deal with. But even when you have it every weekend, it's still hard to deal with. I live in a Southern California beach town. Every town council meeting, every civic group, every neighborhood barbeque discusses endlessly the good and bad of the 100,000 plus people that descend on our community every summer weekend.

Many of the issues are identical - public urination, theft, public drunkness, increased sales in the stores and restuarants. Increased police activity, increased arrests and generally a wonderful time help by all.

Just as many wonder why the local communities should foot the bill, my city has to pay a million dollars or more every year in policing costs at the beach during peak periods.

Permit or no permit, hippies or volley ball players, drinkers or pot smokers, this is an issue that modern society faces because of the mobility of our citizenary. The only way this problem will ever go away is when we all start spending our lives within the ten mile radius of our homes as people did for thousands of years until the invention and wide spread propagation of the personal automobile.

As to the USFS expense, while I don't disagree that the USFS incurrs some additional expense, the amount of additional expense is up to them. There's no need to put people up in hotels and have such a big law enforecement presence. Instead of 100 law enforcement officers busting people for turn signals not working, they would make do wit 20 officers to deal with only violent felony offences.

Peace out!


I AGREE WITH YOU 100%. Don't let the current "Rainbowers" do what they like to do: mass mail their critics and defend their "Family". I was with them for 12 years and despite the few "good times" I got sick alot due to poor sanitation and "dumpster dived food", saw lots of abuses, date rapes, sexual harassment of women and young girls, abuse of mentally challenged,widespread LSD usage, filthy sanitary conditions, widespread communicable disease which could have been prevented, saw severely mentally ill people advised to not take prescribed medications and some even became SUICIDAL, plus the thieves, and others who loved the lawlessness that goes on within the Rainbow Family and at their gatherings. So you are fully correct. I also apologize for my ignorance about any environmental impact I may have done while believing the lies told to me by other Rainbowers at the time when they told me that the gatherings had "little impact" on the enviornment and when I asked "Will all the forest animals who ran away when the people come here return when we leave?" and they said "yes' and I believed them, and other naive beliefs i had back then. I really do apologize for even going to any Rainbow Family gatherings in the FIRST place when I should have been getting my life together in the real world which they call "Babylon". It retarded my life for many years in fact. So you have great courage to speak out when the Rainbow people love to mass e-mail any critics to silence them. Thanks for your blog. AN EX-Rainbower!


Introducing this subject did you no credit; it posts you as a hypocrite and bigot--perhaps you've reconsidered by now? Don't 'good' not-for-fun taxpayers like yourself brainlessly and merrily pollute all over the place? Although Rainbows have always been aware of the environment and committed to live small it would be fatuous to assume that each individual is free from endemic human vices.
I likely pay more taxes than you but I would be the first to argue that this should not entail special entitlements.


maby you should do your homework
Rainbow people moving out after peaceful gathering

Participants of the Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes are moving out of Modoc this week, following what local officials are calling a peaceful and pretty much trouble free event at Bear Camp Flat in the south Warners. According to the U.S. Forest Service, there were more than 19,000 people participating in the Gathering on the Fourth, when they all formed into their circle to pray for world peace and mother earth. The day passed without major incident.

Modoc Sheriff Bruce Mix figures there were more than 20,000 participants at the gathering, and felt things went well. He reported no major incidents after the shovel attack early on.

'"I believe it's gone real well so far, with fewer problems than we anticipated," Mix said. "We're going to be watchful as these people leave and we do expect more problems than when they came in. Their actions are no longer motivated by missing the party if they mess up. We're continuing our visible presence."

Mix said the Likely Emergency Services crews did have a lot of activity over the past two weeks and repsonded to a lot of calls. He said agreements with the Alturas Rural, City EMS and Fire Departments helped insure there was enough equipment and supplies on hand."

Alturas Chief of Police Ken Barnes, was at the event on the Fourth and said it was very solemn, respectful and peaceful and most of the people he met were very friendly. He said the camp looked good and the Rainbows were well organized in their setup.

Barnes said there have been only two reports of shoplifting in Alturas over the past few weeks. This last weekend, local stores reported extremely brisk sales, which depleted a lot of stock. All three local grocery stores, Walt's Market, 4-Corners and Holiday, reported they were very busy.

Barnes said there were no Rainbow-related problems at the Fandango Days celebration, and the people going through town now, heading home, seem to be getting rides from other Rainbow people and are not loitering.

The Forest Service states that a soil scientist began measuring soil compaction at the site and he indicates that the compaction in the heavily-traveled kitchen and trail areas was fairly minimal with little disturbance to lower levels of soil.

The rehabilitation, done primarily by Rainbow volunteers, will focus on raking the top one inch of soil to break it up and then spreading woody forest debris to protect the soil. Some trail areas will need water bars to divert water off the trail at various intervals.

Participants at the gathering have indicated that the Rainbows will purchase any native seed to re-vegetate the site.

Alturas Police report the recovery of a Honda belonging to Donna Garcia of Alturas. That vehicle was stolen June 29 from the Chevron in Alturas. Barnes said the vehicle was recovered in Redding by the California Highway Patrol, June 30, and two people who had been to the Rainbow gathering were arrested.

Charged with vehicle theft and possession of stolen property were Edna Dorman, age 18, and Cody Baxter, age 20, both of Redding.

Garcia regained possession of her vehicle, which had minor damage. Both Mix and Barnes remind residents to lock their cars and home doors to keep temptation to a minimum.

I attended this gathering and there are always assholes who give evry one a bad name but all in all it was looked at as a peacefull event. I personaly spoke with the rangers patroling the event and the expressed ther want to attend. So try to not be so one sided


I think the comments on this page reveal the true character of the drainbo leadership. I was one of them too for years, but I've become completely disillusioned. They're all about their own egos. When you criticize them they get very aggressive and they will go to any lenght to shut down all dissent in their midsts. They're basically a cult. They also insist on doing sweat lodges after Native American leaders have asked them to stop and told them how offensive their ceremonies are to them. They found Leonard Crow Dog to conduct ceremonies for them for LOTS OF MONEY. None of their propaganda is true. The event is about the ego of the organizers and its an excuse to skrew as many women as they possibly can. The drainbos never do anything real to protect the earth. They're all about getting as much sex as they possibly can by fronting like their enviro warriors. I'm sorry I was ever a part of them. You have a lot of courage to look at who they really are and I thank you for this blog.


Thank you for your keen analysis. The Rainbows are highly skilled at disinformation campaigns and you have done a lot to clear the fog that they put up to avoid responsibility for their negative environmental impact.

Keep telling it like it is!

Marisela Sueco

I used to think the Rainbows were kewl and I stupidly believed everything they had to say. Now I'm not so sure. I have a girlfriend who just got back from the gathering and she said they deliberately provoked violence and put their kids in harms way so that people would stop looking at the enviro issues that you raise here and feel sorry for them. I think this is awful. While people are dying on the border fighting for a better life and natives all over are risking their lives to preserve their lands, the Rainbows are acting like selfish spoiled brats. I can see now that all they care about is getting their party on their terms.

Thank you for providing this information. I think it will go a long way to wake the sheeple up!

Sandra Parks-Wilson

I love you blog, but could you please do a little reseach and post a follow up about the damage the 2008 gathering did to the Bridger-Teton National Forest at last year's Wyoming gathering? I went up to the Dutch Joe Guard Station last fall to see what kind of job the Rainbows did in their "clean up." I was shocked by what a piss poor job they did. They dug these really deep fire pits, they cut down lots of trees and it was obvious where they had made their trails. They tried to make the area look "fake natural" but they just threw around some large dead branches all in a straight line! (This just makes a forest fire hazard) They didn't bury their feces or their compost deep enough either. The shit and urine seeped into the water. The animals dug up their garbage and spread the non-edible parts all over everywhere. There were also still abondoned muts and abandoned cars still there this winter - not to mention the sex offenders and vagrants from their "A-camp" that decided to move into Pinedale and collect welfare! The Rainbows control all the info about the clean up too! They only posted their fictitious version of the clean up on a blog a few weeks ago and it's all lies - all their side of the story. The Forest service won't put the reports about the studies they're supposed to do on the soil and water online so the public can see them. You have to file a FOIA and pay just to see the reports! This is so unfair. We should demand the right to read these reports! These people invade OUR NATIONAL FORESTS and the pulic has a right to know exactly how they are being impacted by these gatherings! I am not at all happy with the Rainbows this year. I think that concerned conservationists should be writing to their elected officials and demanding that the Rainbows either return to the Big Sandy and rehabilitate the area of PAY to have responsible people rehabilitate it by SCIENTIFIC standards. The problem is these pot smoking delusional hippies don't trust science. They think they know more about loving the earth because they feel some mystical connection to it. They think they're better and holier than everyone else. This is bullshit! It's time to hold these hypocrites accountable for what they've done. Everyone reading this -- PLEASE Twitter Obama and tell him to make the Rainbows clean up the mess they made in Wyoming!!!!


u suck. stop the hype

sky daddy

rainbow gatherings are gatherings of U.S. citizens. The national forest land they gather on is as much thiers as the local people or you or anyone elses who was born in the U.S.A. The impact on the land is far less than any logging done, witch happens in every national forest Ive ever been in. A lot of prejudice and hate is all the rainbow people have against them and they are not generating that hatred, they are a peacefull family of like minded individuals coming together to exprss themselves. live and let live & let love rule!


i have a feeling this thread is long dead. how can you be a true rainbow if you are using a computer to post comments on articles? a computer is a modern convenience made from nothing but components that are stripped from the earth that never decompose. put down your hands and get a job. be worth something.


I've met some real unfriendly rainbows. More like a bunch of clannish Nazi bull dykes if you ask me. But hey thats just a few of them, so I can't say I judge them all.


Wow these people just reaffirm my hatred of hippies. The 2010 gathering is going to be in my hometown. I have already seen these dirty people on the road begging for money. These events are not only a nuisance to local taxpayers but because of all the human waste is a real problem for local organic farmers. After the event here in 1999 several of the local organic farms lost there "Organic" farming status because of all the human wast that seeped into the ground water. Hippies are incredibly hypocritical being that most of them claim to support organic living but then destroy it with these gatherings.

I respect anyone's constitutional right to assemble and do not believe they should have to sign a permit, however Clarion county should treat this as any other health risk and stop the gathering from happening because it threatens local farming and residences.

But I'm sure that won't happen so I hope they all get dysentery.


The Rainbow Family is what it is, a cult. They claim to honor native spirituality and tradition, but they disrespect native elders and desecrate sacred lands. They claim to love the earth, but their gatherings permanently damage sensitive wilderness areas. They are self-serving, egocentric, spoiled brats that want to play at hippie commune for a weekend as if that makes their lives any less pathetic than they already are. There needs to be more law enforcement, not less, at these gatherings. If they want a gathering, then let them have prison.


so much anger :(


It's amazing how self-absorbed the Rainbows are, mocking Native American traditions even after Native tribes expressed concerns and not giving a shit if what they're doing is considered offensive to the Native culture, a burden on the local taxpayers, residents, economy, or ecology. I agree with what one person said earlier, I does resemble the attitude of early white settlers taking over Native land, no respect for the people being most affected, no resposibility for the damage to the ecology of the land, and no remorse. COMPLETELY SELF-ABSORBED. If a bunch of fratboys took over there hippy bus for a week long party, I'm sure they'd be preety upset. But no amount of concern or criticism will make them see what's wrong with what they're doing or how they're doing it. They're interest come first without any regard for anyone else, like a bratty child. They just don't care.

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