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Friday, July 09, 2004


Timothy Timanywa

Dear sir/madam.

expecting supports—advices- regarding.
We are very glad to inform you, that our WE CARE YOU
Charitable trust had been started recently to support the Public people of Mwanza Tanzania in the
Charitable purpose. We want to establish so many services to the public all around our country
Tanzania. In this sense we wish to welcome all the NGOs inside and outside Tanzania to give supports,
ideas, contributions, etc., Also we are expecting your concern, to give your project partnership and
contributions in cash or kind for our best services to the human beings all-around the world, and you
shall have the inspection and administration in our services. Meantime, if any of your staffs visit in
Mwanza Tanzania, please give a chance for us to support them.

What we expect:

1. Your Organizations advice in cooperation to thegrowth of our trust.
2. Your comments in the services to be rendered in future.
3. Your advices,
4. Your contributions like materials, equipments, cash donations.
5. Partnership in your Projects.
6. Your introduction to the funding agencies about us.
7. Your support and our participation in public services.

What we support and what is our object:

1. Conducting awareness camps to destroy child labour, supporting them for education, food and supports through money and legal aids to them.
2.Conducting legal aid camps for public.
Caring the child, poor, and the needy, destitute and orphan children, STREET CHILDREN, PARENTLESS
CHILDREN, enabling self-reliance.
5.constructing camps in villages for their relief from thier poverty, by supplying medicine, food and carreer trainning programmes, rain-water saving, awareness in HIV/AIDS and development trainning programmes for their upliftment.
6. Planning to construct and maintain educational school and colleges for poor students.
7. planning to construct and maintain Hi-tech hospital for village and poor peoples. through information technology

8 planning to advocate for appropriate utilization of Information, Communication and Technology among the marginalized groups including the disables, elderly,Children,Families, orphans and widows,

9 planning to sensitise community participation in the conservation of natural resources through information, communication and technology.,

10 planning work with similar international Organizations the advancement of Information, Communication and technology

We are elgible to do the above services as we are having skilled volunteers, staffs for the administration and support services. Kindly reply us about your supports contributions and your help in our services. We are also ready to conduct so many
other project also. By our above services atleast one lake people will be benefited as per our survey.Thanking you and requesting your concern to write a
reply for us.
Yours truly,

Timothy Timanywa

Tujifunze centre information technology
NB;- Remember we was got your an email from your
website when we visited

Paul David

Hello Dear Sir.
Greeting in the name of our God.
I am Paul David. I live in the Pakistan. I am an Evangelist. I have opportunity to visits the web sits of your organization. I asked you will your organization like to start work in the Pakistan. As you know that Pakistan is poor country. There are many orphan and widows who are living with out food, education and with out medical. Lot of people are dieing with out medicals. Lot of people are with out home. Many people need the sport. Children are living with out education therefore people becoming poor because they have not education. Therefore they do not get any job. There is need like your organization to work. We can help you to establish your organization in our country. Please think about Pakistani orphans, widows and poorest people in our country.
For the further information you can contact with me.
Thank you.
God bless you.
Paul David.

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