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Thursday, August 19, 2004



I'm scoffing loudly and impolitely at Juliette. Sex ed classes don't make anybody want to have sex, they're boring and filled with descriptions of STDs (I did go to public school). No, the media does a pretty good job of glamorizing sex, and making teenagers feel like if they're not "doing it" they're hopelessly square. I can't tell you how many people I know viewed their "first time" as an opportunity to "get it out of the way". Sex Ed at least teaches kids about some of the context of sex, I'd rather it did more. For an alternative look at teen sexuality, take a look at

Grouchy Old Yorkie Lady

Thanks for the link, and for not trashing my POV! :- )

With respect to your question about 3 and 4, buried in the Heritage Foundation reports I referenced are the following tidbits: teens who engage in sex are much more likely to engage in other risky behaviors (i.e., drug use, alcohol); and teen girls who engage in sex are much more likely to suffer from obesity and related health problems later in life, and overwhelmingly suffer from a greater lack of self-esteem and higher rates of depression than their peers. My point was that current public school sex education programs operate on the primary assumption that teens will have sex no matter what, so we'd better make it "safe". The data show overwhelmingly we have not, in fact, made sex "safe" for our kids, while we have exacerbated other very serious problems which are not being addressed in context.

My bottom line: we are operating on the wrong assumption entirely. Sex isn't intended for kids, and we need to stop acting as if it is.

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